September 23, 2014

Welcome Baby Rebecca!

I'm one happy mama and very proud to announce the arrival of our precious daughter, Rebecca Elise Middleton.  She arrived at 12:40 pm today weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz measuring 20 inches.  She's absolutely perfect!

I'm so happy this little girl was ready to arrive instead of waiting another week.  She's so sweet and precious my heart has busted wide open with love once again!!

Delivery was very smooth and it was another successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarian). From the time I started leaking to delivery was a total of 11 hours but only about three to four hours of active labor.  Labor was still painful but Rebecca was much easier to push out this time.  After a couple of pushes she was out and I only needed two stitches!!  It took a fraction of the time compared to Julian's birth.

Once Rebecca was in my arms we snuggled until my legs woke up.  She stayed in the room with me the entire time and never had to go to the nursery.

Once we were transferred to our recovery room and were all settled Frazer went out for his traditional dinner to the Varsity.  It's the first meal he had after both of the boys were born so it was only fitting to do the same thing for his daughter's birth. :)

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