September 22, 2014

7 More Days to Go

Despite early contractions over labor day my plan of coming to Atlanta the week before my due date all worked out!  I spent the night at Lori's last night so I could watch Eliza this morning.  Lori and Patrick went out of town and would't be getting back until this morning.  Of course, my ability to lend a hand all hinged on baby girls cooperativeness.

Little Eliza took it easy on me this morning which was a good thing.  She was so laid back.  Eliza snuggled up for some cuddles and took a nice nap.  Once Lori made it back we went out to lunch, picked Norah up from school then I was off to get checked into the Town Suites hotel.

I had a cozy little room right next to the elevator which was great.

Once I was settled I ventured out for a leisurely dinner at Panera Bread.  Afterwards I went to Target and it was a luxury to walk around by myself so I decided to pick up a few snacks for the hotel.  While watching the Tonight Show I made a list of all the things I wanted to do this week while I was in Atlanta.  It felt great to be local.  With so many things to do I'd better head to bed and get some rest.

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