September 1, 2014

Not Your Typical Labor Day

The Labor Day holiday was certainly interesting this year.  I was kept for observation last night at Emory.  Part of me was ready to have this little girl and be finished with pregnancy but I was also very concerned and wanted her to stay in there as long as possible to be healthy.

Contractions continued into the early morning but after the 2nd bag of IV fluids the contractions stalled.  However the resident did perform another internal check and I had dialed to 2 cm.  Clearly my body was preparing.  The frustrating part is knowing I'm not due until September 29th but with contractions and dilation already starting it certainly makes me a little anxious about when this little girl is actually going to arrive!

I was discharged late afternoon.  Frazer and I headed to FIGO for dinner.  It was time to start consuming eggplant.  Apparently eggplant contains a natural form of pitocin which is used to induce labor.   I can't say I enjoyed the eggplant parmesan but there was something about being in the hospital, having contractions, and going home without a baby that triggered something inside.   I'm now officially ready for this little girl.  She can come anytime.  We've successfully had a dry run to the hospital.  Our bags will be repacked this evening with anything we forgot or needed to add.  I'm ready.

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