September 24, 2014

Evening Cuddles with Rebecca

After visiting with all of our friends during the day it was time for baby girl and I to snuggle up and get some rest. I simply can't get enough of this precious girl.

Rebecca took 5 ml of formula and it made her very happy and very sleepy!

Each time I would try to burp Rebecca she couldn't be bothered and wanted to sleep.  So far she's a laid back baby with the exception of burping.  In that department she's a bit stubborn.

By 10:00 pm Rebecca had finished 15 ml of formula which was great considering she was down in her over all weight.  She had lost just a touch over 5%. When it came time to get her bundled up for the night I made a switch from the swaddle blankets, which she constantly kept kicking out of, to a sleep slack with a zipper.  She wasn't too sure about the new contraption.

It wasn't long before she adjusted and she was to dream land.

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