April 26, 2013

24 Week Anatomy Scan

In so many ways its hard to believe that I'm already 24 weeks pregnant!  Some days it seems like the pregnancy is progressing slowly but in other ways it's flying by.  It's only been 4 1/2 weeks since the last belly pictures and it's amazing to capture the amount of growth.  This belly is certainly growing!!

Frazer always does such a great job capturing special moments.  We tried to get Isaac in a few of the pictures but he was less than excited about standing still and more interested in investigating the yard.

Today we had an anatomy scan of our precious cargo.  If I could have an ultrasound every day I would.  I'm completely fascinated by the process of being able to see this wonderful child moving around inside while feeling it at the same time.  This kiddo was less than cooperative today though.  The technician had me contorted in every position possible to get the baby to move into a better position.  The baby was head down, which is good, but spine up.  With Isaac we were able to capture some precious head shots of him looking up and waving.  Not this one, both arms were crossed over the face.  It was all the technician could do to get all the necessary measurements of the heart, etc.

Lots of hand shots.  :)

This was the only headshot that came out.  :)

The personality of this little one is already showing.  I love this little baby so much!  It's such an exciting time to we'll have another family member joining us before too long.  So blessed!

Afterwards we went to a legendary restaurant in Atlanta, The Varsity.  For all the years I've been in the Atlanta area I had never been until today.  It's just a simple place, with a simple menu of hamburgers and hotdogs but boy...they sure hit the pregnancy craving spot!  I also had to try one of the their fried peach pies.  Mmmm.  They were good.  Reminded me of my grandma's fried pies.

April 24, 2013

Isaac's First Ice Cream Cone

We all had a busy day!  While Nana was in town she decided to help me out further and we spent a good portion of each day in the kitchen.  We cooked something different every day and it was great fun.  I need all the help I can get to get out of a rut when it comes to dinner and it was nice to learn some new recipes.

Isaac spent the afternoon with Nana so I could go to my doctor's appointment solo.  That was a treat!  I had my follow up with Dr. Tate for my 24 week check up.  I got a clean bill of health.  I love that Dr. Tate does a quick ultrasound at almost every visit to check the baby's position, heart beat, and fluid levels.  It's just a quick confirmation and provides peace of mind that everything is progressing well.

Once I was home it was back into the kitchen and Isaac helped us both out.  Isaac was such a trooper today and did a fabulous job with his dinner that he got a special treat after dinner.  The other day I mentioned Isaac had never had an ice cream cone.  So, while Sue went to the store she picked up some treats for Isaac.

Isaac wasn't sure what to do at first....

Initially he didn't understand the concept of licking the ice cream but he had fun playing in the ice cream puddle as it was melting.

Then he started to get the hang of it....


The perfect ending to a first ice cream cone is a chocolate dipped cone!

April 22, 2013

New Shoes for Isaac.....Again!

Isaac's been pulling at his shoes lately and taking them off in the car as soon as he gets buckled in.  And a couple pairs of sandals were rubbing blisters on his little feet.   Since Nana was visiting, meaning I had an extra set of hands to chase after little man, we loaded up and went to the mall to go shoe shopping!

Sure enough, after having his feet measured he went up two sizes!

Isaac got a new pair of sneakers....

And a new pair of sandals.  He had lots of fun running around the store testing out shoes as he tried them on.  Once we were finished we had to stop by the carousel.

Isaac had a great time riding the carousel with Nana too.  :)

April 21, 2013

Nana Time & Papa Cuddles

While I was under the weather and soothing a sore bum Nana Sue came to visit and help out.  It was so nice to have an extra set of hands to help out with Isaac.

This afternoon we went for a short walk.  Isaac had a great time riding his tricycle with Nana.  

Papa made sure to give Isaac lots of extra cuddles too!

April 20, 2013

An Unexpected Anniversary Gift

Our wedding anniversary was 4/19 and we had a wonderful evening planned.  The sitter was booked and we were both looking forward to a night out together this evening.  The day started out fairly low key.  We were also super excited our new fence was being installed!  However, the morning quickly went south.

Sometimes there are unpleasant side effects of pregnancy and today one of those unpleasantries decided to flair up, big time.   What I thought was a precautionary trip to the Health Clinic down the street resulted in a trip to the ER.  But, I couldn't go to the local hospital, I had to go downtown to Emory since that's where my OB has privileges...just incase.  So, I left the clinic, headed for home, packed up an entertainment bag for Isaac and Frazer drove us all to midtown.

Perhaps this is too much information but for the purposes of documenting funny stories for these two kiddos to look back on they need to understand the lovely things their mother endured while pregnant.  :)  I never imagined a hemorrhoid could first of all, cause so much pain, second, require a trip to the Emergency Room.  It was a painful afternoon having a blood clot removed from a hemorrhoid but Isaac was super sweet and held my arm during the procedure.  I don't think he liked seeing mama in pain.  

Once we were home, hubby was sweet enough to go out and get my prescriptions filled so I could lay down.  Sitting was out of the question!  However, when Frazer returned he also bought me an anniversary gift.  Now under normal circumstances this is not something any wife would ever want, especially for an anniversary but after today and the level of pain I've endured it was the sweetest and most loving gesture ever!  It's certainly a gift I'll never forget!

My bum was truly grateful!  It's certainly not how we planned to spend the day but sometimes you just have to roll with the flow of life.  We'll have to celebrate next weekend instead.  :)

April 18, 2013

Water Table Fun

It was a beautiful day so we got up and dressed for some outdoor fun!

The weather was perfect for playing with the new water table.

Clearly he was having a great time:

April 11, 2013

All Worn Out

Isaac had so much fun the previous day he was worn out and still out cold the next morning at 10:00 am! I opened the blinds, rubbed his back, opened his closet to pull out his clothes and he still didn't move.

We had a big list of things to do so I had to get him up so we could get moving.  We've had an extreme warm spell and instead of spring it feels like summer.  And of course we were not prepared so it was time to start shopping for summer clothes.  We found some great essentials today and Isaac is in 2T tops but he's still so skinny he's in 18 month shorts and even those are a bit big.

After all of our errands little Lennon came over to play and afterwards he was sufficiently worn out again.  That didn't stop him from getting some more playtime in with papa before bed.

April 10, 2013

Super Fun at Ms. Lisa's

We had an awesome time at Ms. Lisa's this afternoon for a fun outdoor playdate.

Isaac loved the water table.  He think he could have spent all day playing in the water.  But, just like any other kiddo, there were lots of things to investigate so he made sure to check everything out.  He pushed the little lawn mower and went down the slide all by himself.

He loved going in the little play house to "cook" on the grill just like papa.

I could tell when it was time to go and Isaac was wearing down.  All the other kiddo's were outside but Isaac maneuvered his way inside to a comfy spot on the couch with the remote control for the television.  He wasn't interested in watching anything, just pushing buttons on the remote!

It was an awesome day of fun!

April 9, 2013

Tricycle & Patio Fun

Isaac was super excited when he came downstairs this morning!  He loved his new tricycle.  I wasn't able to capture his smiling face since he was concentrating too much on making the bell ring.

With all the spring pollen I spent some time outside cleaning off the patio and Isaac had a ball helping out.

Anything with water and bubbles and Isaac's ready to jump in!

April 8, 2013

Story Time and Park Fun

We started the day with story time.  Isaac sat as long as his patience would allow him and then he was off to explore.  He's really good at rearranging items.

Afterwards we made an impromptu trip to the park with several moms.  Isaac had a great time running around and trying out toys.  He tried the scooter for all of 30 seconds then he was onto something else.

Little Liam had gotten a brand new tricycle and was excited to take it for a spin at the park.  Isaac was super excited by the bright red tricycle.  He was so excited that he went straight up to Liam, pushed him off, and got on.  While we certainly had a brief discussion that we don't push our friends, we certainly don't push them off their toys and then take them.  It was however, an excellent indication that Isaac was ready for a tricycle!

I love trips to the park to check out some of the items other kids are playing with and to see what catches Isaac's attention and interest.  Today, we added a couple of items to our list of must haves; bouncy balls and bubble sticks along with a new tricycle.  We made a quick trip to the store and after nap time Isaac got a chance to check them out.

While Isaac loves bubbles he hasn't caught on that making bubbles is a lot easier if you don't dump the bubble solution out!

And every little boy needs a bucket and shovel for exploring!

When papa got home from work we ventured out for diner and went on the lookout for a tricycle.  Isaac was super excited to tryout the tricycles in the stores.  However, he didn't understand leaving the store without one when we couldn't find the size that fit him.  Once we found it he also didn't understand why he couldn't get it out of the box and ride it right away.  He's a wee man with little patience.  :)

Once Isaac was down for the night papa went to work putting his new tricycle together.

It was all put together and ready for Isaac the next morning.

April 7, 2013

Spring Planting

Papa spent the day at an Atlanta Braves game so Isaac and I had a bit of fun.  We shared some giggles during lunch and then went out to get supplies to plant some flowers.

It was a lovely day that simply needed to be enjoyed outside.  With my helper ready to go, he dug in with little instruction.

I filled the planters with flowers and Isaac played in the potting soil.  By the time I finished he was covered from head to toe in dirt.

He didn't protest clean up time either.  :)

April 6, 2013

4th Haircut....1st Lolipop

It was haircut time again!  Isaac sat very still for his 4th haircut.  I think experiencing his first lollipop may have helped. :)

April 5, 2013

Tree Pruning

The arborist came today to prune all the trees and they look awesome.  It's amazing how quick the crew worked and how they maneuvered climbing the trees with chainsaws.  They made it look effortless.  We're all ready for the fence installation now.

It's hard to see but there's actually a person with a lime green shirt on in the tree!
The Hollies got a nice trim for the fence too.
Thinned out the Crepe Myrtles to hopefully train them to grow upwards instead of into the house.
The Maple's in the front got lifted.  
It's amazing how a little bit of pruning can make such a big impact.  Now the tree's in the front yard look so much better.  The one by the sidewalk will no longer hit people in the head when they're walking and the one by the driveway won't hit the cars pulling in and out.

Other events for the day, Isaac had his sleep sack off and his pajama's unzipped when I went in to get him.  His independence is growing!  He was also my big helper in the kitchen as we cooked up a meal for another mom who just had a precious little baby.  We made mushroom soup from scratch, roasted chicken breasts for the casserole, made homemade granola and a double batch of blueberry banana yogurt muffins.  We packaged everything up and finished the casserole and chocolate cake just in time for delivery!

April 4, 2013

An Electric Day

When I went to get Isaac this morning he already had a jump start on our morning routine.  I so wish I had a camera with me this morning to capture his preciousness when I walked in.  I found him with his pajamas unzipped and half off around his waist.  He was grinning from ear to ear and so proud of his accomplishment.  If he could utter the words I know he would be saying "I'm a big boy, mama!".  More and more he's starting to help me when getting dressed and undressed.  His mind is just a sponge to learn more and spread his wings of independence.  And I love helping him grow too!

Once he was dressed the electricians arrived and started their work today.  Isaac was fascinated by all their tools too.

He loved all their tools.  One of the electricians let Isaac play with a little headlamp band.  Isaac thought it was great fun pushing the button to turn the light on and off.

To keep Isaac busy and out of the way I pulled Isaac's workbench out and helped him investigate how to use his own tools.

We played with all the nuts and bolts and I helped Isaac learn how to use his own screwdriver to turn the bolts on his own.  We had a great time putting pieces in the little vice so he could play, saw and hammer.  I never knew playing with a toy workbench could be so fun. :)

As the day progressed the electrical work finally came to a close.  It was so nice to finally have an overhead light fixture in the front room.  We had it wired for a ceiling fan too in case we decide to change it out at some point.  It's just so nice to use the office at night now and have light!

Frazer was happy to have the conduit ran from the attic to the basement so he can run the ethernet cables that's on his project list.  The outdoor flood lights were wired too but they won't be finished until next Tuesday when it isn't storming outside.  I know I wouldn't want to be on a 40' ladder in rain and wind.  We only had one major hiccup in the day and that was the discovery of 3 busted breakers in our electrical panel.

Nothing like finding the unexpected but given the exposed hazard we had to get it fixed.  Otherwise it was a successful day and another project off the list.

Afterwards we ran a bunch of errands and then the boys had a quiet evening to themselves while mama joined some friends for a birthday dinner.

While I was out Frazer sent me the cutest text.  Isaac had climbed up in the rocking chair and was going to read his own bed time story.  Love my growing baby boy!