December 28, 2013

A Heartfelt Donation

Every now and then one tends to get an itch that change is needed.  I've been noodling for some time over getting my hair cut and over the holidays I decided to measure my hair to see just how long it's gotten.  Given the length I decided a definite change was in order and decided it was time to make a heart felt donation to locks of love.

Locks of love requires a minimum length of 10" for their donations.  The donated hair is made into wigs for cancer patients.  Once I made up my mind I made an appointment so I wouldn't have a change of heart.  I had Frazer take one last picture before the big change.

Once my hair was prepped and cut I had between 10 and 12 inches of length to donate.  Amazing how much lighter my head felt with all that length gone.  It had also been awhile since I had made any color changes so I figured this was a good occasion.

Shorter and a bit darker was the final change.  Amazed at the difference a hair cut can make and all for a good cause too!

December 27, 2013

Healthy & Happy

Both boys are feeling so much better and it's such a joy to see them happy, healthy and playing again.

Julian is loving his new exersaucer.  Now he can stretch his legs and see everything around him!

December 25, 2013

Gifts of Love

This Christmas I wanted to make something for the boys as a gift.  I'm continuing to work on my sewing skills and I thought cuddly blankets would be perfect.  Frazer helped me pick out the fabrics and we chose a fun Airplanes theme for Isaac and a soft baby blue for little Julian.

I'm very pleased with how they turned out and so far the boys are enjoying them. :)

Christmas 2013

I never imagined how much joy two little boys would bring to my life.  They fill my heart with so much love and at the end of the day nothing else matters. Our little family is the greatest little foursome I could ever ask for.  It also puts a new perspective on Christmas.  To me the focus is now on the magic of Christmas and celebrating all we have to be grateful for with less importance on what's under the tree.  However, everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year.

Julian got lots of cuddles from Nana and grandpa.

This was also Isaac's first year leaving a plate of cookies and milk for Santa.  Isaac's eyes were full of mystery and wonder when he saw the empty glass and cookie crumbs this morning.

His first line of business was a stocking full of goodies.

While the unwrapping activities were underway Julian was getting papa cuddles.

Then it was his turn to try out his new jumper!

Isaac was in love with his new Elmo!

We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.  :)

December 23, 2013

Santa Came Early

Santa must have known we would be heading to Nana and Grandpa's for Christmas this year so he was super sweet and came early to our house this year!

Isaac was super surprised when he came downstairs!  He didn't know where to start.

He checked out the tree, then the fireplace and then he set his sights on the new roller coaster!

Next he tackled his special bag just from Santa!

Then he helped papa with presents too!

Santa stocked papa with lots of new tools for all of his fun projects.

Papa helped Isaac put together his new match box garage from Grandma and Grandpa Middleton.

Julian enjoyed all of the festivities too!  He was a wonderful spectator this year but he had big brother to help him open all of his gifts.

December 21, 2013

Christmas Party

This evening was Hilary's Christmas party and it's always a blast getting together with this group! There is never a lack of pictures either. :)

Michele & Kyla

Jennifer & Lori

The Gang:  Lori, Michele, Stephanie, Kyla, Maura, Betsy, Amie, Kelli, Marjorie, Catherine
Winnie, Olivia, Jennifer, leigh, Hilary, Amanda, Lisa

Michele, Kyla, Amie


Maura, Lori, Michele

Stephanie & Kyla

Michele & Kyla

Not Quite Recovered

Isaac had been playing in his room but the lack of noise made me a little concerned.  When I went to check on him I found him passed out asleep in the middle of his room.  As much as he wants to play and feel better he's just going to need a little more time to recover.

December 20, 2013

Signs of Life

All the medication seems to be paying off and we have signs of life again!

The boys still don't have a lot of energy but I'll take those smiles any day!  Julian is still super congested so he's continually being lathered in vapor rub.  Our house is one big snotty mess but as long as we're making progress I'll take it. :)

December 19, 2013

2 Sick Boys

After a long night in the ER with Julian it was still a difficult morning.  While Julian was clearly much better than the night before he still needed to follow up with his pediatrician and Isaac was simply miserable this morning and still had a fever.

As soon as I was coherent this morning I called and made appointments for both boys.  Papa came to help out too since mama was exhausted from a long night.

It's a good thing we went too.  Julian got a good check up from the pediatrician and needs to stay on his breathing treatments. And know I know what to look for in the event he gets worse.

As for Isaac, turns out he has an ear infection in both ears and needs antibiotics.  Considering he's 2 1/2 years old now this is the first time he's ever needed antibiotics.  Hopefully both boys will be feeling better soon!

Julian's First ER Visit

Last night was an adventure!  It was my first experience taking a sick child to an emergency room and first I'll say that Children's Healthcare of Atlanta was amazing!  From signs that were easy to follow, to valet parking, and immediate registration and little to no wait time to be seen by a doctor I was impressed and relieved.  Now, it was 2:00 am so that could have made a big different but it was just what this mama needed.

Julian's cough went from bad to worse when we got home yesterday.  He chest sounds were awful and scary.  It really sounded like he was struggling to breathe and it made my chest hurt just to listen to him.  His cough sounded like a barking seal and unlike anything I'd heard.  Considering he's only 4 months old I had to take him before he got worse.

As miserable as he was he did look cute as a button in his tiny hospital gown.  After an initial checkup a respiratory therapist was sent in to suction out his sinuses and then they administered a breathing treatment.  Julian was less than pleased with this experienced but it made an instant impact in his breathing.  Then he was given a small dose of steroids to help decrease the inflammation in his lungs.

Final diagnosis was an upper respiratory infection, croup and bronchiolitis.

When ever he's congested now we'll have to suction out his nose and use saline drops a couple times a day in addition to breathing treatments with his tiny inhaler 4x/day.  We'll take him to follow up with his pediatrician too.

I'm so happy I deduced to take him in.  I just want my little guy to feel better soon!

December 18, 2013

Traveling Home with 2 Sick Boys

Frazer finished the staircase so we need to make our way home today!  Santa's helpers have lots of work to do before coming back to Nana and Grandpa's for Christmas next week.

Grandpa and Julian snuck in some cuddles and z's before it was time to load up.

The ride home was a bit rough with the boys.  Isaac isn't getting any better and Julian is getting worse.  We had to stop outside of Birmingham to feed Julian around 5:00 pm and he started getting an awful cough.  As we continued to make our way home his cough was more chesty and didn't sound good.  It was certainly time to get these boys in their own beds and cuddled up for some TLC.

December 16, 2013

Nana's, Santa, Naps and Sniffles

The boys have been enjoying their visit with Nana and Grandpa.  Isaac was extremely entertained by Nana's little Santa.  Santa has a small chair with a foot bath to soak his tired feet.  He moves from side to side and Isaac wanted to figure out exactly how he worked.

Julian didn't have any problems getting his naps in.

And he's certainly showing all the signs of teething.  Anything he picks up goes right in his mouth.

Isaac still isn't feeling well though and has a low fever.  He's getting an awful cough and Nana noticed he was pulling at his ears.  I hope he can wait until we get home before needing to go to the doctor.  Papa's making headway on the staircase but we can't go back until it's safe for the boys.

Frazer has been busy pulling the old railing down, staining the new railing and getting it back in place.

The spindles went bcd up today too.

Frazer's handy skills are certainly improving and he's done a fantastic job!

December 15, 2013

Off to Nana and Grandpa's

My friend's father passed away so I'm headed to Alabama with the boys. Nana and grandpa are going to watch the boys while I'm at the funeral.  While were out of town Frazer has quite the project to tackle in replacing the staircase rail.

Isaac and I still haven't been feeling very well and while Isaac hasn't had much of an appetite he's been full of cuddles.

During our visit Nana got her very own pack-n-play for Julian!  

Julian hasn't been feeling great either and he's starting to get congested and a bit cranky.  Not sure if it's just teething though.

Both boys received all kinds of special attention from Nana and Grandpa.  Nana read to Isaac and Grandpa was pleased when the raisin filled cookies Isaac and I made just like Grandma Jane's.  

I'm hoping we all sleep well tonight.  Isaac is getting a fever and he laid on me most of the night saying he had a boo-boo.  :(

December 12, 2013

Julian and the Jumper

I decided to pull the door jumper out today to see if Julian was interested.  He really enjoyed it.  It was better with a blanket under his feet so he could get some traction.

While Julian was getting the hang of the jumper Isaac decided to come over and help his little brother out.

Before long I found myself muttering the words "Isaac, we don't swing the baby".  We got a ways to go when it comes to being gentle.

Isaac's Christmas Party

Today was Isaac's preschool Christmas party!  Isaac was very excited to see Papa too. It was a sweet little party.

Isaac and papa created a Christmas tree ornament together.

Isaac was in charge of the glue.

He did a great job decorating his tree too.

After the craft Isaac enjoyed a few snacks with his classmates.  And then the parents were given a craft created by the kiddos.  I absolutely love this plate!

It was our first school party and one I'll certainly remember.