September 30, 2014

Prepping for Rebecca's First Bath

Well the first day of having all three kids was.....let's just be was hard.  Trying to feed Rebecca with Julian's assistance is next to impossible.  Isaac has been going to school everyday which has been a huge help.

I'm riding the postpartum hormone train full of migraines and night sweats.  I've felt fairly awful but I have lost four pounds of water weight which is good.  Another bonus to our new family dynamic is Isaac has managed to sleep ins room for two consecutive nights!!  That's a huge win in my book.

Once papa was home from work it was time to get Rebecca ready for her first bath!  And I love that Frazer took such a precious picture of all of our hospital bracelets together.

She's so precious!  I'm absolutely in love!

I can't get enough of her tiny hand wrapped around my finger!

My laid back little babe tossed up the peace sign!

Love.  Love. Love

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