June 29, 2014

A Birthday Celebration with Nana and Grandpa

Nana and Grandpa came over for a visit this afternoon to help Isaac celebrate his birthday.  I think he may learn to like the idea of stretching out birthday celebrations like his mama. :)

Of course he was very excited to see his grandparents however once he spotted wrapped packages he didn't waste anytime unwrapping them.

He got his very own weed eater so he can help papa with outdoors chores.  He was very excited to get his own thermos too.  A thermos with Mac and Lightening McQueen.  His toy collection expanded with the addition of a doctors play kits too.

Last but not least was his very own John Deere tractor!

Afterwards we went out to dinner for barbecue.  It was Julian's first experience and he was a huge fan.  I've never seen a kid so eager to eat baked beans, broccoli and pulled pork.  I think he's finally over the baby food stage and ready for real food. :)

There's nothing better than time spent with family and making such great memories.

June 28, 2014

Stair Climbing Julian

We were all in the basement this afternoon and the kids were playing.  I went around the corner and when I came back I couldn't see Julian.  Well, I found him on the stairs!

My baby boy has no fear and was determined to embark on his own adventure.

I followed behind him as he climbed his way to the top of the stairs.

He didn't miss a beat either.  It's another milestone achieved for him and a whole new level of safety monitoring for me.  Now that he's climbing the stairs there are no limits to where he can wonder in the house.

Well done Julian!

June 27, 2014

Isaac's Birthday Dinner

Isaac "patiently" waited all day for his birthday dinner.  All day long he kept reminding me that papa was picking up his birthday cake on the way home from work.  He was so excited and couldn't wait until it was cake time.  For dinner I made one of his favorites, french toast.

When Frazer came through the door Isaac started jumping up and down with excitement over his cake.  He couldn't wait to see it.

His very own Lightening McQueen birthday cake.

After cake it was time to open gifts.  He was a master at opening gifts by himself this year.   His first gift was a little golf club and ball.

Next was a disney planes shirt.

More train tracks for his train set.

He even got a parking garage and a tow truck.

Isaac and papa put the garage and train tracks together and spent the evening playing before bedtime.

He got an art easel too and he couldn't wait to start painting.

Overall I'd say Isaac had a great day full of his favorites.  Happy 3rd birthday buddy!!  We love you!!

Birthday Fun at the Pool

The boys and I ventured out to the pool this afternoon for a little birthday fun.

Birthday Shenanigans

A birthday with Isaac wouldn't be complete without some form of shenanigans.  I asked Isaac if he wanted a birthday shirt this year and he said yes.  So while I was finishing his shirt in the basement Isaac and Julian were playing in the other room.

I had missed call from an unknown number on my phone and I didn't think anything of it.  Then I received another call from a local number and happened to answer the phone in time and it was Frazer.  Apparently the first call was BMW's emergency response center.  Since I didn't answer the phone they called Frazer to notify him the emergency button in our car had been pushed and they wanted to know if everyone was okay.  Frazer had them pull the location of the car and when they stated the car was at home he knew just what had happened.  When Frazer called me I thought Isaac was in the other room playing.

I got up to look for Isaac and he wasn't there.  I checked every room in the house and didn't find Isaac.  I did find him in the garage.  In the front seat of my car "playing" driver.  He had the radio on, the hazards on and Isaac was the one who hit the emergency button in the car.

I had a nice long chat with Isaac about emergencies and when it's appropriate to hit buttons for emergencies.  We also discussed the safety issues of playing in a car by himself let alone a garage.  From now on even though the car will be in the garage it's going to be locked with the keys out of his reach.  I'm so glad he couldn't reach the pedals!  Oh boy.

On the bright side I did manage to finish his birthday shirt.

Isaac's Birthday Breakfast

He's 3!  He's 3!!  Oh my goodness Isaac is 3 years old!

Papa went into work a little late so we could help Isaac celebrate some of his birthday this morning.

Isaac loved seeing the birthday banner and balloons.

It didn't take him long to discover his big surprise!

He loved the fire engine pedal car!

Next on the agenda for a proper celebration was a birthday breakfast of cinnamon rolls.

We sang happy birthday and Isaac made his wish.

I'd say his birthday is off to a great start. :)

June 26, 2014

Isaac's Birthday Eve

Tomorrow a very special boy turns 3!!  It's so hard to believe just 3 short years ago a little bundle of love expanded my heart and changed my world forever.  I'll never forget the rush of being awakened so early in the morning from my water breaking.  It was so surreal.  I was full of joy and excitement that I was finally going to meet my baby.  From the time he was placed in my arms until we left the hospital I simply didn't want to put him down.  The snuggles, cuddles, and kisses made my first experience of motherhood one I'll never forget.  I can still remember sitting in the hospital and taking in his fresh baby scent and enjoying all of his little coo's.  I was in love.

I didn't think motherhood could get any better but it did.  I've loved every minute of watching him grow up and discover the world around him.  Even the entertaining and frustrating moments of his shenanigans.

Isaac is such a loving and sweet natured little boy.  He's still very sensitive to loud and abrupt sounds until they've been thoroughly investigated and understood.  He has a very curious mind that is constantly moving.  Isaac is still more interested in how toys work than playing with them and there is no stopping his level of determination.  If he has something on his mind there is no point in interfering until the itch has been satisfied.

Isaac loves to be outdoors and would spend everyday outside if he could. He's the perfect little helper and truly enjoys to know everything going on around him.  Every chance he gets he's at papa's side helping him with chores around the house.  My favorite is Isaac's enthusiasm when it comes time to mow outside.  Nothing could keep this boy confined inside if papa is mowing outside.  He's also loves to be my shadow in the kitchen and he really is a great helper.  It's incredible to observe him too.  The expressions on his face make it easy to know that his gears are working overtime as he absorbs every little detail.

Most of all I love his smile.  When Isaac is happy he beams and his giggles are priceless.  He really enjoys being tickled and that really gets the giggles going.

Isaac, my love.  You've taught me so much in your short life.  Because of you my priorities have shifted in a drastic way.  Before you were born I was stubborn, independent, headstrong and driven to climb a career ladder at all costs.  Being laid off before you were born was the greatest blessing.  After spending the past three years with you my business life is almost a forgotten memory. I love being your mother.  I cherish all of our times at the park, playing with friends, comforting you in the middle of the night and caring for you when your sick.  I even laugh at your shenanigans I just don't let you see me smiling :)  You are an absolute joy.

As my first born you've adapted very well from having me to yourself to sharing me with your baby brother.  Watching the two of you bond and play together touches me in ways I'll never be able to effectively express.  I know the same will be true once baby sister arrives too.

Happy Birthday little man.  May all your wishes come true!  I love you!!

Papa and I have a special surprise ready for you in the morning.  :)

Surprise Gift for Mama

This evening after the boys were in bed we began prepping for Isaac's birthday.  Frazer had picked up some balloons on his way from work and unloaded all the items from his car along with a red gift bag.

When Frazer came inside he wanted me to sit down and in a serious tone said he had been debating and needed to tell me something.  Then he handed me the red gift bag.  At this point I had no idea what was going on so I removed the tissue paper from the bag to revel the contents.  Inside was the sweetest card along with a bottle of sunscreen!

Never, never, in my life have I been so touched.  He's taking me on a baby moon for 11 days!  11 days at the beach!!  I'm so excited and so touched by this my emotions are just overflowing.  With the boys and this big belly I didn't think we would be able to make it to the beach this year let alone have a vacation for just the two of us.  The only catch is he won't tell me where we are going.

Frazer's initial plan was actually to not tell me and pack my bags for me and just take me to the airport when it was time. However, after my recent OB appointment the frequency and times of my upcoming appointments changed.  Apparently that threw him a curve ball so he decided to tell me so I could get clearance from my doctor and change my appointments.  Plus, he contacted my parents and arranged for them to have the boys while were gone.

I'm simply over the moon! I'm so humbled by his thoughtfulness, the time and planning along with his ability to keep secrets.  It's very impressive!  And wow am I feeling loved!

Future Kickboxing Champion?

This growing belly has gotten the best of my body recently.  Today I was plagued with a migraine and my energy levels have drained.  This little girl is very active and has been kicking up a storm.  I'd really like to know what she's doing in there because it feels like she's prepping for a kickboxing championship!

Cookies and Milk

Isaac provided me with a little bit of humor today.  The last trip I made to Trader Joe's in Atlanta I picked up some Alphabet cookies.  Isaac wanted a snack so I put a few of the cookies in a bowl and fixed him a small glass of milk.  Isaac with his creativity took cookies and milk to a new level.  Why bother dipping cookies into a small glass of milk when you can pour the milk into the bowl with the cookies?  Perhaps this was a more efficient method of dipping cookies in his mind.

This is the part of motherhood that I absolutely love.  The pure innocence of Isaac and the ability to experience the world from his perspective is a joy, although challenging at times.  I do hope he continues to keep his spirit of adventure and curiosity.  He's determined to experiment and test his level of curiosity and it's an attribute I respect even if it does result in messes to clean up.

June 24, 2014

Soccer Fun & Summer Cuts

Isaac had a fun morning at soccer although it took him a bit longer to warm up than expected.  Soccer is only 30 minutes long and he spent half the time hiding behind my leg being silly.  Of course as soon as the session was winding down he was gearing up and ready to keep playing.

Afterwards he went for summer friendly haircut.

He's still not back to himself 100% but he's certainly on the mend. :)

June 22, 2014

Julian's Swan Dive

I have another monkey on my hands.  Julian decided to take a swan dive out of the high chair this morning and hit his head.  I can tell I'm more seasoned as a mother with my second child.  I saw him arching his back and as quickly as I could move my pregnant body towards him I wasn't quick enough to catch him but I scooped him up quickly to comfort his boo boo.

He screamed all of a minute.  I was actually surprised.  He looked at me, shook it of and wanted back down.  I kept an eye on him just to make sure.  There are times I refer to him as my little linebacker given his build and hand size.  He sure doesn't let falls or boo-boos faze him.

I did treat him to a popsicle though. :)

After one taste he needed a moment to process.

It didn't take him long before he figured he was a fan and wanted more.

He spent the rest of the day playing like nothing happened.  These boys....they certainly know how to make my heart stop.

June 21, 2014

Isaac to ER

I hate it when one of my babies is sick.  It absolutely breaks my heart to see Isaac not feeling well.

This past Thursday while Isaac was with Nana and Grandpa Isaac threw up for the first time after breakfast but the rest of the day he seemed fine and wasn't running a fever.  When he came home yesterday he was running a mild fever of 99.7 under his arm so I gave him a dose of Motrin and this morning he was fine.  Well, this afternoon his cheeks were all flushed after his nap and he was running a fever of 102.  I gave him another dose of Motrin and before bedtime I checked him again and he was fever free.

To our surprise Isaac woke up at 10:00 pm screaming.  He was burning up with a fever of 103 and he had the chills.  He hasn't seen the new pediatrician here yet but his three year check up is July 2 with Dr. Carter.  I called the pediatrician's office but they wouldn't page any of the doctors in the practice since he hasn't been seen.  It didn't matter that they already had a copy of his records either.  It was a frustrating experience especially being in a new area.  With his fever continuing to rise I had no idea what was going on and I didn't want to chance him not being seen by someone so Frazer took him to the emergency room.

He got a full checkup and the end result is Isaac has a virus that will run it's course.  We need to keep giving him the Motrin to help with the fever.  If he continues to run a fever for the next two days we will need to take him back.

As a mother it's a hard balance of tending to the needs of your child and not over reacting but I'm so glad I followed my instincts.  We're blessed to be in a position to have insurance and means to pay medical bills.  With little one's it's just more than I'm willing to chance.  I'd rather have him checked out and get the all clear than have something overlooked.  I hope this little guy is feeling better soon!

Children's Museum & Lunch

We spent the afternoon at the boys favorite place, the discovery museum, with Ms. Holley.  She was even kind enough to help us attempt to get a decent picture of our growing family.

This was Julian's first time at the museum since he started pulling himself up.

Both the boys loved the water area.

I think Isaac could spend hours pulling the various levels to spray water.

Julian enjoyed the dedicated section for tots his age.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Julian.  It's he perfect illustration of his personality.

After runtimes at the museum we had all worked up an appetite and made our way out for lunch.  Even though he was hungry Julian didn't make it all the way through lunch before passing out.  He was worn out from all the fun.

Isaac was worn out too.

What a great day!