September 23, 2014

Labor of Love

Despite my exhaustion as the clock ticked by the contractions continued and the intensity increased.  By 6:00 am I was dilated to 6 cm and was moved to a labor room.  I was still leaking fluid but the sac hadn't ruptured.  I got in a zone and handled the contractions fairly well until around 9:00 am.  At this point Dr. Tate wasn't sure how quick or slow I would progress and he didn't want to leave the hospital for the office and have to turn around.  After some debate he cleared his schedule and stayed.  Shortly thereafter he decided it was best to start a round of pitocin to induce.  I was 100% on board and ready for baby girl to get out!

Given my last experience with being induced before getting an epidural I knew for sure I wanted an epidural first this time.  Dr. Tate preferred I wait and do the epidural after the pitocin had been started.  My nurse, however, was fantastic, and made sure the epidural was administered before hand.  The contractions were getting rough by the time the epidural was being put in.  It felt like the team took forever to get it in too.  Each time it seamed like they were close and then I felt excruciating pain in my back.  By the 3rd time the epidural was in and relief set in!  Finally I could rest.

I have no idea how much time lapsed after the epidural was administered but it was so nice to be able to rest.  Then an intense pressure started building on my left side.  I got Frazer to get one of the nurses.  They came in and checked the monitors and said it was time!!

At that point a team of resources started arriving in my room getting everything set up.  When it was time to start pushing Frazer was on one side and a nurse was on the other.  The epidural was fantastic and they actually had to tell me when to push.  All I could feel was pressure.  Before the first push though Dr. Tate said there was a chance I would deliver baby girl intact.  He could clearly see the water sac was still intact which apparently is an omen of good luck.  However after a couple of pushes the water sack broke and out she came!

Hearing her cry and having her placed on my chest was the best feeling in the world!  She was here.  Finally.  In my arms.  It's such an overwhelming experience.  There really aren't enough words to adequately describe it.

Our little love bundle was here!!

Welcome to the world little girl!

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