December 30, 2011

Isaac's 6 Month Check Up

It's that time again!  Isaac's six month check up went very well.  The doctor commented that Isaac must think he's nine months old already.  He's starting to balance more on his own when he's sitting up, rolling over and getting up on his knee's and rocking.  He babbles in what sounds like full sentences and boy does he get frustrated when things don't go his way.  He's just a little under 18 pounds but he's 28 1/4 " in height which is still in the 97th percentile.  No wonder I can't keep him in clothes.  He's a tall and lean little boy.

His main form of nutrition will continue to be his formula until he's a year old.  We'll continue to introduce new foods and will also start introducing finger foods. The doctor also advised that he might start having more sleep disturbances at night but this was normal and only a temporary phase.  At this age the doctor also advised to get rid of the pacifier.  He stated waiting until he's older can be a real challenge and some children will even look for it or pull it out of the trash.  His guidance, cold turkey, just take it away.  That's going to be a tough one but we'll try.

With the increase in his weight and height it's also time to upgrade the car seat.  This is actually a good thing because attempting to carry him in the current carrier is a bit of a challenge.  For the sake of our backs, we'll gladly upgrade the car seat.

Last but not least was his six month immunizations.  He had four this time and one of them was a flu shot.  Oh how I hate when he cries out in pain.  The nurse was quick and I did my best to hold his hands and provide as much comfort as possible.  He did much better this time afterwards as well but they still wiped him out.  He has to go back in 30 days for a second flu shot and then he won't go back until his nine month check up.

December 28, 2011

6 Months Old!

Hello world, I'm growing by leaps and bounds!  

This was another month full of new adventures in the world of Isaac.  He likes to be comfortable and laid back and with the winter temperatures, even in Atlanta, Isaac doesn't care too much for layers.  He tries to wiggle his way out of jackets, pulls at his hat and kicks off blankets.  He doesn't shy from expressing his displeasure for the car seat.  While he does tolerate the carrier once he's all buckled in he really doesn't appreciate being confined.  I guess you could say it inhibits his ability to put his feet in his mouth! 

When cruising around in his stroller Isaac became more interested in his surroundings and started pulling himself up so he could get a better view other than looking at the sky or ceilings.  As a result, we've now starting raising the back so he can sit up more.  This was just the beginning of his increased mobility.  He may not be able to crawl yet but that does hinder his ability to maneuver around and get him where he wants to go.  He wiggles, rolls and even started reaching to pull objects off shelves.  He also mastered taking his pacifier out and putting in back it as well as spitting it out to watch it launch on the floor for the wonderful game of having me pick it back up, and then he smiles.  Isaac is still chewing on his hands and fingers deciding which ones taste better.  If I were to place bets I would suspect the thumb is going to be the winner as it's started to be the preferred soother as of late.  

He enjoys being in the high chair and has done a great job with all the new foods.  He did very well with all of the new fruits introduced in the past month.  He was even my little helper in the kitchen during the holidays by supervising the baking festivities.  Isaac was very alert and focused when I was icing sugar cookies this year! Perhaps he'll be interested to be involved next year.  :)

Isaac's expressions truly portray what he's unable to express in words.  From, figuring out new toys, studying figures or textures on his blankets, the unfamiliar texture of new foods, smiles and even frowns when something isn't going his way, he expressing everything.  The main new item this month was his aversion to loud noises.  For months he hasn't had any problems with the noise of the vacuum cleaner but this month was very, very different.  From the instant the vacuum was turned on the poor guy screamed bloody murder and had a look of shear terror on his face. Lesson learned, vacuuming is now only done when Isaac is with Frazer in the other room.  

Isaac continues to grow and at six months he's quickly out growing nine month outfits and two 12 month onesies we bought to have on hand actually fit in length and arms.  He went up another size in diapers as well.  I continue to be amazed by his curiosity and love watching him explore and discover.  He's such a loving little boy and I love that he loves to be cuddled and rocked.  I'm sure it won't last forever so I'm taking advantage of it while it lasts!

I thought I would also share some cute photos to demonstrate the amount of effort it takes to get a great snapshot of Isaac with one of his milestone stickers.  From the time the sticker is placed on his shirt he can't keep his hands off the sticker.  He pulls at his shirt to look at it and then of course he tries to taste it.  He can be a real stinker at times.  :)

December 27, 2011

Oh Boy...I'm Mobile!

Isaac got a Disney Cars walker for Christmas and while his feet didn't touch the ground initially after a couple of days he was movin'! The first time he moved backwards he was so startled I thought his eyes were going to pop out he looked so distraught.  He wasn't sure what had just happened.  Needless to say he received lots of praise and encouragement from momma.

Isaac shares his thoughts on this new experience too!

December 26, 2011

Merry First Christmas Isaac!

Merry Christmas!  Isaac had his very own stocking filled with goodies on Christmas morning.  He sat with grandpa John to explore the large fuzzy sock filled to the brim.  Initially he was more intrigued with the texture of Winnie-the-Pooh on the stocking than the contents.

Although Isaac slept well the night before there was so much going on he was yawning before the morning even began.  As each item was pulled from the stocking he conducted a full investigation.  Tags were always the first item of attraction followed by a thorough taste test.  Once a given item had been tasted it was on to texture.  Was it soft?  Did it makes noises if he scratched it?  Isaac had his own process and it worked for him.

He LOVED all of the wrapping paper and the noisier the better.  Isaac was even pretty good with unwrapping.  He's just started reaching and grasping and at his own pace he investigated each package, inspected the ribbons and once a little piece was torn for him to give him something to grip he didn't hesitate to rip it open.  However, again in his own style, Isaac would open a couple of packages and then he would be so tired from all the excitement he would tucker out.  He had several power naps throughout the day.

Isaac opened a very special package from Grandma and Grandpa Middleton addressed just to him all the way from England.  He inspected the package with the same level of attention and enjoyed the sounds of each tear followed by further crumpling.  Once inside the box he got to examine the colorful gift bag to find his very own puppy.  Frazer even helped Isaac learn how to pet the puppy.  This was a very nice, soft, furry and cuddly pup.  It passed the taste test too so it's a keeper!

He may only be six months old but after watching him experience Christmas for the first time I think he takes after his papa.  He certainly demonstrated patience and stretched the experience all day long.  He opened his last package around 5:00 pm in the evening.  Overall, it was a wonderful day, full of abundance in so many ways.  As we approached the Christmas holiday Isaac only had a couple of items to play with and he really didn't need much.  However, Christmas changed that and he is no longer lacking in items to play with.  From a teddy bear that can be connected to a computer and customized to say his name, sing and play music (From Aunt Michelle) to his lovely plush puppy and all of the noise makers in between it was a day full of blessings and one we'll never forget.  

December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve with Isaac

The festivities began Christmas Eve by attending the evening Christmas service with my parents at their church in Alabama.  Since we arrived right on time the church was full and of course the last seats available were right up front in the second row.  This actually turned out to be great since Isaac had lots of new things to keep his attention.  He loved looking around at all the bright poinsettias and glowing candles.  While we were singing Christmas carols he decided he would try to assist Papa by helping to grab at the pages of music.   During the actual service Isaac was entertained briefly by the preacher's voice but that quickly wore off as he became a bit restless.  So, what does a cute little boy do in church to keep himself occupied?  But of course, look over momma's shoulder and flirt with the ladies sitting behind us.  He smiled, cooed and then bashfully buried his head against me. Even when the lights were dimmed and everyone's candles were lit he looked around at all the flickering lights and held onto me and Mr. Puppy.  Isaac is usually very laid back with a casual demeanor and this event was no different.  He was a very good boy and seemed to enjoy another first. 

December 20, 2011

Isaac's First Visit with Santa

I've been wanting to take Isaac to see Santa for awhile now.  The last few times I've been to the mall the lines were ridiculously long.  For the most part Isaac isn't sure what all this Christmas stuff is about yet but he likes all the colorful packages under the tree, the twinkling lights and shiny objects.  So, today was the day to go see Santa.  As soon as Isaac woke up from his afternoon nap we were ready to go.  When we arrived at the mall there was no one in line and only one child in front of us.  Isaac looked around at first and was taking in the scenery and didn't seem bothered by what was going on.  I took him out of his stroller and let him look at Santa first before handing him over.  (I must say this is a strange concept when you think about it...I'm protective of my child as I'm sure many mother's are, but when it comes to the red Santa suit, we just hand them over for a picture.  There's some acquaintances that I wouldn't hand my child to.   Hmmm, strange, very strange). :)

Anyway, Isaac just looked up at Santa with complete curiosity.

Then he looked back at me and then back at Santa....

I can only imagine what was going on in Isaac's mind....
  Ooh, bright color.  I wonder what color this is.  I hear people say red, wonder what that means?
  This is soft...
  How can I get one of these?  This would be nice as a blanket.  Then I could lay on it

Isaac loved the fluffiness of the white trim and he just kept rubbing his little hands against the texture of the Santa suit.  Then he looked towards me and just grinned from ear to ear.  It was a great picture.  Overall I'd say he had a great visit with Santa!

December 18, 2011

New Clothes from Auntie

"Auntie", aka Jennifer, absolutely could not wait until Christmas to give Isaac his Christmas gift.  We met for lunch and she was full of excitement with Isaac's package.  I must say Isaac really enjoyed the tissue paper!  

Thank you Auntie for my new clothes!

He's not even six months old yet and this little outfit is nine months in size and it fits!  He's such a little cutie.  

My Auntie is Awesome!  He absolutely loves the colors on this shirt and kept pulling up so he could look at it.  Of course he also chewed on it a bit to check out the flavor.  It passed the Isaac test.  ;)

December 16, 2011

Wonder What I Can Get Into??

I believe my days of placing Isaac on the floor to play and expecting him to be in the same spot when I turn around are numbered.  Isaac was hanging out with a few toys in his room while I changed the sheets, started his laundry and got his bath ready.  When I came back in the room he had rolled over to the bookshelf.  Apparently, the white fluffy flowers caught his attention so he figured why not just pull them down?  Sounded like a good plan to him.  He was having a great time and must have had a ball pulling the majority of the leaves down.  I think it's about time to start paying attention to what's on shelves at his height......

Moma's little stinker!  

December 11, 2011

Shopping With Papa

This was a day of divide and conquer.  Papa took Isaac to run his errands while I tackled the grocery store!  I had a massive list of ingredients to get as I armed myself in preparation for holiday baking.  While I was out I Frazer sent me the cutest text of little man.

I'm sitting up moma. 

More and more Isaac is pulling himself forward and doesn't want to lay back unless he's sleepy.  He was to see the action and observe everything going on around him.  He's a little sponge and takes everything in!

Seriously papa, I wanna see too!

December 10, 2011

Oh Boy...A New Book!

Isaac has been growing restless the last few days with his toy mats that most require him to lay on his back with toys over head.  Even though Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, in my head it's simple justification, to provide educational toys for my  :)  Off to Toys-R-Us we go.  We had fun looking at toys and watching Isaac's reaction.  He's such an awesome little boy so how could I not get him a new book.  Not just any book.  An interactive book.  He loves it!

December 9, 2011

Crafty Hand Print Redo!

At the end of July Frazer and I had a failed attempt at creating a hand print mold for Isaac.  Over the weekend, we were running errands and popped into Hallmark and when I saw a hand print / ornament kit I had to get one.  It was a re-do that I was determined to accomplish!  This kit was actually much better.  It was much easier to mix and it didn't set as quick as the last one which is a great thing when trying to get a five month old to cooperate.  Papa held Isaac while I held the container and attempted to get Isaac to open his hand flat to press his hand into the tray.  Let's just say this took several attempts and by the time we had a great hand impression, all three of us were covered in plaster dust.  But.....mission accomplished.  The directions indicated to let the ornament set for one week.  After a week I checked the impression and it was perfect with Isaac's hand print on one side and a snowman on the other.  I love this ornament!

December 8, 2011

Another Boo Boo

Isaac and I had an outing planned to meet Ms. Jennifer for a late lunch.  I needed to brush my teeth real quick so I laid Isaac down on the bed since he had been playing on the floor for a little while.  I thought I would be a nice mommy and let him relax on a nice soft surface for a few minutes.  Well, I certainly underestimated Isaac's mobility.  By the time I had toothpaste on my toothbrush and one swipe on my teeth, I heard "thud".  I threw the toothbrush down and ran out of the bathroom.  Isaac was laying on the floor!  It was a delayed reaction and he did cry but I think he started crying when he saw me.  Fortunately he didn't hit anything on the way down and from the indentations on the bedspread, he slid down more than fall flat.  I picked him up and he only cried for a minute, then he looked at me and smiled.  I really thing I'm at the beginning of having a dare devil on my hands!  

Moma told me to stay put but I didn't listen.  I'm okay now :)
Needless to stay, he now stays on the floor while I'm getting ready and where I can see him!

Mommy's little stinker!  

December 5, 2011

Entertain Me Please

When I'm in the office trying to get a few things accomplished Isaac usually keeps himself occupied on his kick-n-play mat.  Today however.....was a different story.  This little boy was frustrated and fed up with being limited to laying on his back.  He was tired of rolling around from side-to-side or even laying on his belly and he didn't want to be held either.  No, he wanted to sit up on his own and play.  So, I got his little seat out and put him in so he could be propped up and play with his toys.  This was the ticket!  He had a blast and loved examining the toys up close.

December 4, 2011

Family Photos

Talk about being bamboozled?!  This was our first experience with family photos and something I've wanted to do since Isaac was born.  I don't remember if I received something in the mail or found something online for a family photo package for $14.99.  I made an appointment which I thought would be quicker than going as a walk-in, especially with Isaac to make sure he was well rested. Well, we arrived early for our appointment time and the place was packed.  We waited...Isaac napped which was good, for over 30 minutes.

Our name was called, it was our turn, yeah!  The photographer placed us in a variety of different poses and we moved through them quickly.  In a manner of 10 minutes or what seemed like it, we were finished.  Then we had to wait...and wait...and wait some more to review the photos and pick our poses.  While we waited, we observed the most indecisive individual.  The poor sales associate was in pure agony. Seriously, this guy took over an hour to select a picture to put on a mug.  It was actually entertaining to watch. was our turn again.  When we first started, the computer screen was pulled up and then the sales associate stepped away, when he did, Frazer decided to expedite the process and fill in our contact details.  After watching and hearing the sales pitch several times we immediately cut to the chase and eliminated the need for a detailed review of products we were not interested in.  However, what must have been part of the fine print was the number of prints that needed to be selected in order to receive the high resolution digital images on a disc.  That's really all we wanted along with a couple of prints.

Let's just call this one a learning experience! I've never seen so many 8 x 10's printed!  Well....we have LOTS, and LOTS of prints.  :)  We certainly spent more than I anticipated and we now have more prints of family photos than we know what to do with.  I'm happy with how they turned out and will always cherish our first family photos!