July 31, 2014

Boys at the Beach

While mama and papa were away at the beach, the boys went on their own beach adventure to Destin, FL with nana, grandpa and auntie Michelle.

I love my little beach bums. :)

Another Day in Paradise

It was another fantastic day in paradise with the perfect view to take pictures before dinner.

It's hard to believe in less than two months our little girl will be joining us.  This belly keeps growing!

I've really enjoyed having this opportunity to slow down to enjoy the kicks and flutters of this little one.  I can't help but imagine what she'll be like or how the family dynamic will change with three little ones running around.

After dinner we took a stroll along the beach and enjoyed all the wonderful stars.  They were absolutely stunning!

Oh how I love the beach!

July 30, 2014

Beach Time

What an amazing day!  No words necessary.  It was a fantastic day enjoying the warm gentle breeze while relaxing in the cabana reading a book. It was wonderful.

July 29, 2014

Spa Day

The JW Marriott is amazing.

Our room was enormous and it was wonderful to have a full night of sleep.  They have the most amazing brunch.  It's simply divine.  We enjoyed our breakfast looking out at the water.  I didn't have to share my breakfast or let it get cold either.  I even had a cartoon free morning.  :)

This entire place is beautiful.

Lots of little water areas with marine life are on the property too.  It's simply tranquil.

After a leisurely morning it was time for both of us to head to the spa for some pampering. We both sat outside near the pool for a little bit before heading to our separate areas.

This reflection garden was so beautiful.

As soon as I stepped into the women's spa area the aroma and soothing sounds took over.  It's such a beautiful space you can't help but start relaxing as soon as you walk in. 

Even thought I couldn't get into the hot tub it was still wonderful to sit on the side and soak my pregnant feet.  

My massage was amazing and just what I needed.  It was the perfect way to kick off our vacation too.  

Even though I was thousands of miles away from my munchkins it didn't stop me from checkin in on them.  It looked like they were in good hands getting cuddles and stories with nana. 

July 28, 2014

Surprise Baby Moon Reveal

Yesterday my parents came to pick up the boys and then it was time to start packing for my mystery beach trip.  I have been beyond excited for this trip.  With two little ones and another one on the way I really didn't think we would be able to make it to the beach this year.  I certainly didn't imagine the two of us slipping away to the beach, alone.

Every few days I've been quizzing Frazer to see if he might slip on our destination.  I'll always be amazed with his ability to keep surprises and his level of patience!  I really have enjoyed imagining where we're going and all the guessing has been fun.  To be honest, I'm not picking about the specific beach.  I am still so touched by his love and generosity to arrange a surprise vacation.

This morning it was finally time to find out!!  I've never been so excited to wake up before six.  The entire way to the airport he wouldn't dish on any details so I was anxious to get my boarding pass.  However I should have figured Mr. Technology would have other plans.  He checked us in using his iPhone so I didn't get a boarding pass.  We flew out of Chattanooga and then connected to our flight in Atlanta.

When we arrived in Atlanta part of our destination was revealed, Hawaii!!  Next stop Honolulu, final destination still unknown.  However once it was time to board the plane I was surprised again with first class seats.

My pregnant body was so excited to have the extra room along with a comfy reclining seat.  I didn't have any objections to all the pampering.  I loved it.  I even got to check my bags which is huge for my road warrior traveling hubby. :)

And I couldn't say no to the Mai Tai either although I only had a couple of sips and gave the rest to Frazer.

The flight was fantastic.  I was able to recline my seat and elevate my legs while watching a couple of movies.  After my ice cream sundae I reclined the seat out flat and slept for several hours.  The flight was a vacation in itself.  When we arrived we were met near the gate by a greeter holding a sign with our name. Frazer thinks of every little detail and it was so sweet.  I received a traditional Hawaiian lei of Orchids and he received the Kukui Nut & Sea Shell lei.

At this point he finally revealed we were staying on Oahu.

Ten days on this beautiful island is just what we both needed.  It was time to relax.....

When we arrived at the room there was a fabulous plate of chocolate covered strawberries and then the next surprise was revealed.  As if the island get away wasn't enough he booked a maternity massage for tomorrow afternoon.  I can't believe I've been blessed with such a thoughtful and loving man.  

July 27, 2014

A Birthday Celebration for Lennon

Isaac's buddy Lennon was having a birthday party to celebrate her third birthday at Chuck E Cheese in Alpharetta.  He couldn't miss out on her celebration and he had a great time catching up with all of his friends as well as playing games.

His favorite part of all parties though is birthday cake (aka: happy cake) time!

Ms. Lennon was so sweet in her princess dress with her princess cake.  It's hard to believe these little ones are three already.

July 23, 2014

A Fun Morning: Soccer/Park

It was a soccer morning!

It took him a few minutes to warm up this morning but once all the equipment was set up he was eager to get started.  His favorite part is kicking the ball!

I love watching him run and giggle when he's playing.

After soccer we walked over to the playground for a little bit.  Julian loves the swings.

Isaac is getting the hang of swinging on the big swing too.

Then they were off to climb and slide for a bit.

Julian wants to climb like his big brother so bad.  The boys had a great time this morning.  With the morning sun and the high temperatures it didn't take long playing before we were all worn out.  Afterwards we made a special trip to Einstein's for a late breakfast.

I diverted my attention for a second and Julian had grabbed part of my bagel!

July 22, 2014

Silly Boys

Julian was being silly this morning and banging on the window.  Isaac thought it was funny so he joined his little brother.  When Isaac got down on his level Julian thought it was great.  The two played together at the window for a good while.  It was so sweet to watch them laugh and play together.

Fashion Friendly Isaac

Isaac and his level of independence continues to blossom.  He's very particular these days and doesn't hesitate to express his opinion when it comes to his preference in clothing.  This morning he wanted to dress himself and went for the layered look even though it's summer and incredibly hot out.

Oh well.  He was proud of himself and that's all that matters.