August 31, 2014

More Contractions!

Given the belly pains I've had the last couple of days I took it easy today and did very little other than putter around the nursery and rocked my big belly.  I'm not sure if baby girl was getting a little cramped on the inside but my belly pains were picking up again.  They weren't contractions either.  They were sharp shooting pains and they got worse every time I moved.   Not only was the pain bad but baby girl wasn't moving around as much either.

By late afternoon I called the doctor and started to make our way to Atlanta.  By the time we were halfway there contractions had started and didn't let up.  By the time we got there contractions were 2-3 minutes apart.  It was hard to wrap my brain around having contractions this early.

Once I got in the hospital it didn't take long for monitoring to start.  Upon the initial evaluation my cervix was closed but my contractions were consistent.  I was admitted for observation and given two bags of IV fluids.

We'll see what the next 24 hours bring.....

August 29, 2014

Belly Pain & Contractions

This morning I needed to take Julian to the doctor for a check up.  My day was going well until I made my way downstairs.  From the time I was halfway down the steps I was stricken with a sharp pain on the right side of my belly button and down.  It was strange and very different.  This wasn't pregnancy ligament pains from moving to quickly or abruptly.

I made it to Julian's appointment and fortunately the doctor knew I was hurting and got us in and out. At that point I was really struggling to walk.  The paint intensified if there was any pressure on my belly.  I called my doctor and all he could do was send me in for an evaluation.  We agreed to watch it this afternoon especially since Frazer and I were supposed to be heading to Atlanta this evening for a date night anyway.

As soon as I got home I was so glad my parents were there to get the boys for the weekend.  They hung around for awhile to see if my pain subsided.  I had four contractions within an hour and they were nine minutes apart.  With a month to go in the pregnancy it was a bit early to be having contractions.

I spent the afternoon on the sofa and as long as I didn't move the pain was better but I was still fairly miserable.  By the time hubby made his way home from work we decided to move forward with date night.  I wasn't going to miss a fabulous steak from Little Alley!

I hope these pains go away!

August 28, 2014

Poison Control

This afternoon I experienced another parenting 1st for the books.  I was in Isaac's room cleaning up when he came running in with a panicked look on his face along with a weird brown substance around his mouth.  He complained his mouth hurt and I had him show me what he had gotten into.  My heart dropped into my stomach so I called poison control.

Despite having child locks on the drawers in my bathroom he managed to squeeze his little hand in my drawer and pull out one of my pill organizers.  He managed to open one of the containers and got his hands on my prenatal vitamin and bit into the soft gel.  Fortunately he only bit into and it didn't stall it.  Most of the gel stuff was hon his shirt and face but I knew supplements with iron can be dangerous for kids.  Poison control looked up the information on the type of vitamin he got into and assured me he would be okay.

I had him drink some water and I kept a close eye on him the rest of the evening.  

On the bright side, papa came home with Isaac's puppy and pooh blankets.  Just the comfort items we needed after today's drama.

August 27, 2014

Play with the Boys & Dinner Shenanigans

I spent the morning playing with Julian.  I love this little boy.  Watching his personality develop is so fun.

Papa had an outing for work on the golf course.  It's always nice to get away from the office sometimes and I think his smile speaks for itself.  :)

The boys spent the afternoon playing together and after they had their dinner I was cleaning up and heard a squirting noise.  When I came back in the room I discovered the shenanigans.  Isaac squirted ranch dressing on the floor and Julian started playing in it.  Isaac thought this was hilarious so the cycle repeated.  Oh boy these two are going to keep me challenged!

After the dinner mess was cleaned up it was time to start the bedtime routine.  Well, thats when we discovered Isaac had left his puppy and pooh blanket at school. It took some convincing but I managed to get Isaac down for the night with another blanket and stunt puppy.  Tomorrow isn't a school day either so I'll have to call first thing in the morning to make sure we can pick it up tomorrow!

August 25, 2014

Maternity Cartoon

I came across this cartoon today and it sums up my current stage of pregnancy perfectly!

Given the size of this belly I am so grateful for my new minivan.  It's so much easier to get in and out of with this belly!

August 20, 2014

An Early Birthday Surprise

Yesterday Julian and I stopped by to take a look at mini vans while Isaac was in school.  I've been researching different makes and models for some time and there aren't a lot of options to accommodate three car seats on the same row.  After I took a look I shared my thoughts with Frazer.  I really wanted him to test drive them as well from a mechanical stand point.

We've been having some work done on the house and when Frazer came home this evening from work he mentioned one of the contractors left a huge mess in the driveway and I really needed to come outside and take a look.  I about fell over!!

I loved that it had a big red bow on the front!  I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

I'm officially rockin' the mommy mobile! I can't thank hubby enough for the early birthday gift!  I'm so blessed to be at this stage of life.  I think we're all set for baby girl's arrival!

August 19, 2014

A Day with my Boys

Since turning Julian around in the car he's been in heaven.  No more screaming from him in the car.  He's so attentive to everything around him.  He loves it!

Julian and I picked Isaac up from school and then went to get Isaac an extra pair of shoes.  Ever since he's insisted that he start standing up to go potty he's been having a few accidents and getting his shoes wet.  :-0  So, I figure a spare set is probably a necessity for this phase of advanced potty skills.  We ventured into Payless to look around and before we could even begin a search for school shoes Isaac spotted a pair of real little boy work boots.  He was insistent and the joy on his face to have a pair of boots similar to grandpa's for the farm was priceless.  I simply could't pass it up.  So, he scored a pair of boots, lightening McQueen light up shoes and an Avengers umbrella.  Talk about a combination!  Of course he wanted to wear the boots home.  I love his excitement!

Afterwards I took the boys on a date to Olive Garden.  Baby girl and I were craving Italian.  :)

Julian certainly enjoyed himself.  Actually we all did.  I'm trying my best to cherish these last few weeks with my boys!

August 18, 2014

A Groggy Boy & Nesting

Julian slept until 11:00 am this morning!  I couldn't believe how long he slept and he was still groggy when he woke up.  I think someone must be on the verge of another growth spurt!

While Julian was enjoying his beauty sleep I had the opportunity to unwrap the diaper cake from the weekend so I could get everything ready and put away.  I was amazed and the volume of goodies wrapped inside.

I'm so touched by the group of friends who went in together for this and for Michele who put it all together.  Impressive!!

I still look at all these little delicate items and sometimes still can't believe I'm having another baby.  My nesting is in full swing as I put all of this little girls items away in her closet.  :)

August 17, 2014

A Shower for Baby Girl

The stars have certainly aligned for me in terms of friendships.  Somehow the greatest group of women came together and even though I've moved they're still dear to me.  Ms. Lori was so gracious to opening her home to host the most wonderful baby shower for this little girl.  I'm so grateful to everyone who assisted in making this possible and everyone who came today to celebrate this little love bundle.

One thing is for sure, as more babies are born within this group the baby showers keep advancing.  I was so touched by everything.

From champagne with the most divine mixers.....the lavender lemonade was my favorite!  To the most decadent spread of food to curb all my lovely pregnancy cravings.....everything was covered. 

Ms. Lisa even made her famous whoopee pies.  Yum!!

I was showered from head to toe with kindness, love and girly gifts for my sweet baby girl. 

From sock monsters, books and all the essential frills a little girl could dream of including a diaper cake!  I was amazed at how many goodies were inside this "cake".

Lucy, Olivia, Amy, Hilary S., Me, Michele, Betsy, Winnie
Sue, Catherine, Kelli, Marjorie, Ellen, Jordan, Maura
Not pictured: Lori, Lisa, Stephanie, Holly
Maura, Kyla, Lori

Mama Sue, Kyla

Jordan, Michele, Kyla, Winnie, Ellen, Maura

Kyla, Lori

Jordan, Ellen

Kyla, Lisa
 I had the most fabulous day being spoiled.  My heart is full of gratitude and love.  I'm 34 weeks pregnant today.  Only 41 more days to go!!

August 14, 2014

Milestone for Julian - Forward Facing

The boys had fun playing outside after Isaac got home from school.  It was a beautiful day out too!

While the boys were playing I cleaned the car out and moved Julian's seat from rear facing to forward facing.  He has been so frustrated lately in the car and I'm hoping the turn front facing will make a big difference.  It's hard to believe he already meets the weight and height requirement!

Once I had the seat situation it was time to test it out.  He was super excited too!

August 12, 2014

Julian Turns One!

I am so amazed by this little boys growing personality.  He has touched my heart in countless ways and I simply couldn't imagine this world without him.  He's such a laid back little guy with the most loving heart who loves to cuddle.  He toddles by and leans in for a quick hug.  It warms my heart every time he lays his sweet little head on my lap.

His smile is infectious and radiant at the same time.  It doesn't matter what mischief he's been into.  Once he flashes that sweet smile all the cares in the world melt away.  He loves to laugh and giggle and boy does this kid have a healthy appetite.

I had to create a side by side of my boys from their first birthdays.  There are so many differences yet many heart warming similarities.  You can certainly tell they're brothers. :)

This month he has been a bit fussy since he's been teething big time.  Julian has three molars coming in at the same time.  One on the bottom just popped through but he hasn't let it slow him down.


My little love has a passion for food and certainly enjoys himself at meal times.






 While he had a birthday party a few weeks ago we couldn't let the day slip away without a few birthday festivities.

Of course we know how much this little guy loves cake she he had to have another small one just for today's milestone.

Happy Birthday Julian!

Julian's First Haircut

The time has finally come and what better day for a first haircut than on your first birthday!

We went to Pigtails & Crewcuts.  Julian picked out the police car for his entertainment while watching cartoons.  He really was a trooper for his first time.

He was very curious about the environment and what was going on with his hair.

What a handsome little boy!  I love that adorable face.  I can't believe this little gem is already one year old. :)

Lunch with Julian

While Isaac was at school Julian took a nap and I took advantage of the quiet time to clean up and organize a little.  Meanwhile baby girl was having a bit of the hiccups!

Once Julian woke up it was time for lunch and time to try out a new cup.  Julian was converted to milk a few days before our vacation and he's done fairly well however it's time to get rid of the bottles and switch to a cup he can hold himself.  So far so good!

As for lunch it's self, he's still the same messy pig pen!

Isaac - First Day of School

Today was Isaac's first day at Primrose in Chattanooga, TN!

He looked like such a big boy all dressed for school with his backpack.  Hard to believe he's old enough for play school already.

Excited was very excited this morning until we got to the school and he realized I wasn't going to stay and play wit him.  Drop off was a little tough this morning but I knew he would be okay as soon as I left.  The school was nice enough to send me an update forty-five minutes after he started to let me know he was doing well.

When it was time to pick him up he was clearly having a great time!

It warmed my heart so much to see him playing and having such a great time and making new friends.