August 30, 2013

Isaac the Rockstar

This little boy's love for music continues to grow.  He's only had the guitar for a couple of weeks and he's already handling it like a pro.  This morning he decided to take it up a notch and break out the microphone too for some multitasking!  Isaac's such a happy boy and a little entertainer.  :)

August 28, 2013

Walking with Grandpa

Nana and Grandpa took Isaac for a walk this afternoon.  I guess Isaac's legs got a bit tired and he got a ride on Grandpa's shoulders on the way back to the house.


August 24, 2013

Precious Moments of Julian

Every time I hold this sweet boy in my arms I'm still amazed he's here, in my arms and no longer in my belly.  Each time I look at him, hold him, I try my best to savor each moment and take all of him in.  He's so precious.  So tiny.  So perfect.

Such tiny hands and mother natures perfect manicure.

Julian's hands are so tiny compared to mine but he has large hands for a little guy.

Such a handsome boy.

I'm hopeful he'll keep his big blue eyes.  I realize there is a good chance they'll change.  I'll certainly love him regardless of his eye color.  However there is a small part of me that would like one of my boys to resemble their mama. ;-)

I'm a proud mama.  We're very proud parents.  I'm sure in Isaac's own way he's a proud brother.  I feel so blessed to have our youngest arrive to complete our family of four.

August 23, 2013

Julian's Weight Check & Frenulectomy

Julian had his two week appointment today to check his weight.  I've been very anxious about this weight check and have been diligent in tracking his feedings.  It was music to my ears when I heard the nurse say his weight....8 lbs 7 oz!  Yay!  Only a couple more ounces to go until he's back up to his birth weight!!

During his first appointment with the pediatrician the doctor noticed Julian was tongue tied.  He said it shouldn't be an issue as long as it wasn't interfering with his ability to nurse.  From my perspective Julian had a good latch although he was very frustrated with the supplemental nursing system and when I switched him to a bottle for supplementing he struggled with the nipple at the beginning of each feeding session.  Earlier this week I met with a lactation consultant who noticed that while Julian does have a good latch he's compensating with his lips and gums and the struggle with the bottle is the in ability to take the nipple all the way in.

So I mentioned it to the doctor and said it was much better to do a quick procedure in the office now.  It would be a quick snip under his tongue, theres no nerves and there would be very little blood.  However, if we waited until he was older it would be more complicated and require an oral surgeon.

Julian was a trooper even though he wasn't happy.  He was quite angry when the nurse held him down.  He's a strong little guy too and he was giving the nurse a run for her money.  :)  I hated seeing him held down and my heart hurt hearing him cry.  The good news it was over quickly and I held the cotton swab under his tongue for a minute and then we were all done.  :)

August 21, 2013

Brotherly Love

This morning Isaac leaned over and gave Julian a hug then stretched his arms out forward wanting to pick him up and hold him.

He's a wonderful big bother and enjoys loving on his little brother with hugs and kisses.  

August 20, 2013

38 1/2 Week's Pregnant....Family Photos

Frazer has a great eye when it comes to taking pictures and he's done a fabulous job taking maternity photos through out pregnancy.  However I really wanted to have family photos with Frazer in the pictures.  I started scheduling photos with a local photographer and we kept getting rained out.  Finally on August 4th, on the 3rd attempt, at 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, 8 days before Julian was born we had success!

I was so excited to get the disc of pictures today from Jennifer Poland Photography.  We were really pleased with how they turned out considering Isaac's patience on the hot afternoon faded quickly.

I love this shot of my belly against Frazer with the natural background.  Now if only the ducks would have cooperated to be in the picture too. :)

Such a great moment of the three of us.  Perhaps the last captured moment of Isaac being the only child.

 Isaac rubbing my belly and loving on baby Julian.

Isaac has the best laughs.  Always big belly laughs too!

 My big round belly.  Love!

I love this man with all my heart and all that he, we, stand for.  If someone would have told me where we would be, today as a family, when we first met I wouldn't have believe it.

I'm so happy we were able to capture these moments of our growing family.

Isaac's First Convertible Ride

I had to take an unexpected trip back to my doctors office today for some postpartum complications.  While I was headed to the doctors office Frazer had some errands to run and took Isaac for his first ride in the convertible.

Isaac loves papa's car and has wanted to go for a ride with papa for the longest time.  He was over the moon today with excitement to ride with papa!

As I was wrapping up my appointment my phone was buzzing away like crazy with text messages.  As soon as I got to my phone my heart sank as I read the first text.  "Ok...nobody hurt, but we did just have a fender bender at the light."

What!?  A wreck..with Isaac....

Thankfully they were both okay and it was near a traffic light so they were going less than 5 mph.  No airbags were deployed and apparently Isaac didn't even know anything had happened which was great.  Frazer had "bumped" into a Land Rover.  The Land Rover barely had a scratch on the back bumper.  Frazer's car however....not so lucky....

Frazer's car had lots of boo-boo's.  I'm just so happy no one was hurt and Isaac still had a great time out on his adventure with papa.

August 18, 2013

Julian's First Bath

When it was time to give Julian his first bath at home I had my trusty helper by my side.  Isaac is adjusting so well to being a big brother.  He's very helpful and very curious.  Although he's overcome with concern when Julian starts crying.  Bath time was no different either.  Julian was not happy about bath time and big brother didn't know what to think about all the commotion. 

Julian was all cuddled up and peaceful while his bath was being prepared.

Such a sweet baby boy...

Isaac decided to entertain himself during Julian's first bath by playing in the small tub of water.  He decided to dip Julian's hair brush in the water and brush his own hair.  Then he got ahold of the washcloth.  I naively thought I was giving one boy a bath when in the end both ended up wet and only Julian was clean. :)

Time to get Julian clean and he was not happy.  He has a healthy set of lungs though!

All finished and wrapped up.

We all survived the first bath.  It's certainly a bit more challenging bathing one son while the other is running around like Curious George.  These little guys are certainly going to keep me on my toes as I learn to adjust to balancing the two of them.

August 17, 2013

Gender Reveal

This is a picture we took when we were expecting Julian.  During our anatomy scan we had the tech write down the gender and seal it in an envelope.  During a date night we went to cafe intermezzo and had the manager bring us a desert with the gender on it!  We didn't want anyone else to know the results so everyone else could be surprised but we super excited to know we were having another boy!!

April 27, 2013