July 31, 2013

Isaac's Breakfast with Friends

The past couple of days Isaac has been very focused on his toy Handy Manny.  I found Handy Manny cartoons on Netflix and Isaac has become a bit obsessed and wants to watch back to back episodes all day.  While under normal circumstances I prefer to keep us going, outside and engaged in other activities.  However these days we've been a bit sequestered inside since my mobility is slowing and the heat is just awful when it hasn't been raining so cartoons have been a great way to keep Isaac entertained when he's not playing with other toys.

This morning, as soon as he came downstairs for breakfast he went straight for Handy Manny and Elmo.  I had to convince Isaac that his friends already had their breakfast since he was attempting to share his with them. :)  Instead his friends stayed nearby to make sure Isaac had a healthy breakfast.

July 28, 2013

Nana & Grandpa

While Nana and Grandpa were in town for a visit I had to snap a picture before heading out for dinner.  

Only a couple more weeks for Isaac to enjoy all the attention of being an only child....

Iain & Katy's Visit

Yesterday and today we've enjoyed a wonderful visit from Frazer's nephew Iain and his wife Katy.  They were visiting from New York before venturing through the southern states for a couple of weeks. Last night we enjoyed a wonderful night out for dinner at McKinnon's in Buckhead.  This morning we enjoyed a lovely brunch outside on the deck.  Frazer was up early and made waffles for everyone!  It was a short visit  but we'd love to have them back.  Of course Isaac warmed up as soon as it was time for them to leave too.

Isaac wanted to be just like Iain and learned how to kneel down.  He thought that was awesome!

July 27, 2013

37 1/2 Weeks....Almost There :)

Only a couple more weeks to go!  It's such an exciting time waiting for this little bundle to arrive.  My level of discomfort is certainly increasing but I know the end result will be worth it's weight in gold.  Since this is the last pregnancy I've really tried to savor every moment and I've wanted to capture as many belly shots as possible to show the progress this little life has been making.  Frazer always does an awesome job capturing special moments too.  :)

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Nana

I love when days are full of activities and today was filled with fun things to do.  We had a great time at the birthday party and when we were finished Nana had arrived to watch Isaac while papa and I ventured out for date night.  Nana had the perfect activity for Isaac too!  Baking chocolate chip cookies!

Baby Bellies

The birthday luau for Lennon and Chloe provided the perfect photo opportunity for the four of us expecting mommies.

From left to right:  Lucy (due in January), Lori (due in December), Stephanie (due in November) and me (due in August).

I hope we can try to take this same photo each month until all the babies are born.  :)

July 23, 2013

37 Week Tummy Check Adventure

As of today I'm 37 weeks pregnant and the baby is officially considered full term. This morning I had a routine tummy check appointment and from this point forward I'll being seeing the doctor weekly until baby arrives.

I've been moving around more slowly these past dew days and Frazer was planning to drive us to the doctor this morning but he was called into a meeting and I assured him I would be fine to drive.  Frazer met Isaac and I at the appointment and it appeared Dr. Tate was running a little behind so we decided to go ahead and see the physicians assistant/nurse practitioner to get things moving. 

Everything was proceeding normally and a quick ultrasound was performed that usually results in a quick look, all normal then free to go. Today however was different. Tia didn't like what she saw regarding the baby's heart beat.  Then I was moved to another room and hooked up to a fetal heart monitor. 

After 15 mins or so Dr. Tate came in to observe the read out and the consensus was the baby's heart rate was too fast. He wanted me to go straight to the hospital, no stops or detours for an additional ultrasound. If the baby is in distress he said I might be induced but if there wasn't time I could end up with an emergency c-section.

What!?  At this point my head was spinning.  It was more information than I could process.  Frazer had left his wallet and everything at his office but when the doctor tells you go straight to the hospital thats what you do.  On the drive there I had time to process what was happening.  The thought of having a baby in distress had never crossed my mind it was a scary thought.  Being induced and/or having another c-section was also not high on my list but the more I thought about I decided is was best to trust my doctor and let the events unfold how they may.  

We got to the hospital, checked in and had a bit of wait which surprised me.  And then the ultrasound was underway.  After a couple of different scans the ultrasound showed the baby's heart rate was normal.  A specialist came in a did another scan and also confirmed the heart rate was normal.

Afterwards I had a non-stress test and I was hooked up to the fetal monitor.  lThe test was also normal but did confirm I've been having contractions.

That was it.  All normal.  Time to go home.  Rest.  I was very relieved to know the baby was okay.  The staff indicated if they monitored every baby all day long they would find inconsistent heart rates.  However they did tell me to eliminate all caffeine, coffee, chocolate, tea, etc from now until the baby is born as a precaution. 

However, on one level I was bummed to not have the baby today.  I'm so uncomfortable and after leaving the doctors office processing the possibility of having a rushed delivery I was kinda of excited to have a baby today.  Today's not the day and that's okay.  Better for this little love bug to stay cozy and keep growing until it's time.  But talk about an emotional roller coaster!

The other positive of the day was having a dry run to show us where we weren't prepared.  During this entire process Isaac was with us and with all the excitement he turned into a wild child.  While I was having the non-stress test Isaac decided play with the dividing curtains whipping them back and forth to make as much noise as he could with the rings on the rails and wrapping himself up in the curtains.  Let's just say when the big day does arrive Isaac will certainly need to stay at home and I'll make sure my hospital bag is actually packed and ready to go.  :)

Terrible Two's!?

The past few weeks with Isaac have been an adventure all their own.  Isaac started to get rather whiny in addition to waking up several times during the night.  This isn't typical behavior for him and after a quick check I discovered he's starting to cut his 2 year molars.  All this started around the 8th of July.  After a week or so of whining, fussiness, sleepless nights and refusing to nap he was showing signs of congestion so I decided to take him to the quick clinic down the street.

The only thing the appointment confirmed was he had no sign of an infection or a virus.  His lungs and ears were clear.  The only useful suggestion was to stay away from milk for a couple of days since milk tends to produce more mucous.  This was on the 15th after several sleepless nights.  It's not uncommon for Isaac to wake up once in the night a few nights a week but 3-6 times every night and struggling to go back to sleep without someone in his room with not the norm and not a new habit Frazer and I wanted to support.

So, we eliminated the milk and switched to juice, started giving him Ibuprofen at night and pulled out the humidifier.  I even put a pillow under his mattress to help keep him elevated when he sleeps.

It's such a helpless feeling when you know your little one doesn't feel well but nothing you try seems to help.  It's obvious he's exhausted and I'm sure the congestion isn't helping.  In the last week he's also reattached himself to binky, puppy and his pooh blanket.  The entire arsenal of comfort items are in use.

We spent a few days relaxing on the sofa as long as I stayed close and kept cartoons on.  My sweet little boy who typically sleeps 10-12 hours a night and naps 1-3 hours has officially been abducted and I'd really like him to return!  Soon!

After a few more sleepless nights I even tried bringing him in our room to sleep in the pack-n-play/cot just so we could all manage to get some sleep.  That worked for one night but naps were still a struggle.

The morning of the 19th I walked in to find him standing in the crib with everything else on the floor, including his pajamas!  He was up 3 times that night that I went in to check on him and afterwards I had to let him cry it out.  It was tough love but this mama couldn't take one more sleepless night.  That was the final straw and then it was time to take him to our regular pediatrician, which in hindsight is what I should have done in the first place.

The pediatrician did a full check up and provided a diagnosis I suspected but wasn't ready to hear.  Isaac is in a complete regression and we're officially in the terrible two's!  He's testing boundaries and exerting independence where he can, including sleep.  He is cutting his two year molars which isn't helping and he's also congested.  Since Isaac is now 2 we can start giving him Benadryl to dry up the congestion when he lays down which should also help him sleep.  The doctor also recommended a great book for discipline ages 2-12 which I picked up, 1-2-3 Magic.  I'm all for being armed with sound advice.

The Benadryl certainly helped and while we did experience a couple more sleepless nights which after verifying he was okay he had to cry out on his own but then he finally made the turn!  Wohoo!

It was certainly a bit of a power struggle for Isaac to give in and start putting himself back to sleep again but it's so nice to have a household sleeping again!  :)

July 20, 2013

24 Hour Vacation for Mama!

With less than a month to go before our new bundle of love arrives this mama has been feeling a bit overwhelmed.  It's a weird feeling to want to relax but to be driven by hormones and the overwhelming urge to push forward for nesting to make sure every tiny detail is in place.  I feel like I've been nesting for 36 weeks straight.  This combined with Isaac not sleeping the past several nights has left me incredibly drained.

This is where Frazer came to my rescue and gave me a 24 hour holiday all to myself!  Yesterday when Frazer came home from work I was on my own.  I was able to get a little bit of shopping in and picked up some lovely lavender items to use between now and delivery for relaxing.  I had a lovely dinner at one of my favorite spots, La Madeline's.   A simple spinach salad with soup that I enjoyed from start to finish while reading a local paper, uninterrupted.  Afterwards I enjoyed the lovely hotel room Frazer arranged complete with a relaxing bath and uninterrupted sleep.

I woke up in the morning when I was ready, had a peaceful shower and no one was covered in toothpaste when I finished!  Breakfast was also at a leisure pace with plenty of time to plan out my day.  I spent the morning running some errands, a picture frame for the new baby's sonogram, a couple of outfits to bring the new baby home in, a couple of items for Frazer, new make up for me which is always a luxury.  The day was topped off with a prenatal massage and a pedicure.

By the end of the day I felt as though I was relaxed and reconnected with myself again.  I'm so grateful for this day and for Frazer understanding.  I wouldn't trade being home with Isaac for anything in the world and I'm over the moon for a second baby.  However, I have to remember taking time for myself only makes me a better mama/wife/person.  Everyone needs the chance to recharge every now and then and it's something I have to remember and not wait until I'm frazzled.

I was super excited to get home and be greeted by my boys!  Nothing warms my heart more.  :)

July 18, 2013

Cars & Trains

The other day Isaac and I ventured out to the store for some birthday shopping for an upcoming birthday party.  It was very difficult to explain the toy shopping was for the birthday girls but my explanation was not sinking in.  :)  The only way I was going to make it out of the toy section alive was to get Isaac something of interest and we finally settled on some matchbox cars.

This morning Isaac decided to utilize a different toy as a ramp for his new cars.  The cars didn't quite fit but he didn't seem to mind.  He picked up the entire structure and shook it until the cars made their way down the ramp.  He was very determined to test his theory and make it work!  He played with his cars for a good while. I think this might mean investigating some future toys for cars and car organization.

Once he was finished playing with the cars I thought I would take a stab at putting together the train set he received for his birthday.  Let's just say this was my first experience putting a train set together.  It took reading the instructions several times, looking at the picture on the box and pulling up a youtube video to see one actually put together and working.  Of course I had helper Isaac keeping me on my toes.  As soon as I would have the pieces lined up that went together he would move one and throw me off all over again.  I overcame the challenge and add train building skills to my tool belt!

In the end it all worked out!  Isaac enjoyed watching Thomas the Train make his way round and round the track.  Isaac's biggest challenge was staying off the track and out of the way of the moving train!  Now we just need to figure out where to put the train other than the middle of the floor!

July 16, 2013

Isaac Reminisces

Frazer brought up the baby items from the basement to get cleaned up and ready for use again.  When Isaac woke this morning he was fascinated by the new items he discovered in the dinning room.  Isaac found his old car seat to be of particular interest.  He dragged it from the dining room into the family room and thought it was perfect for rocking.

It will certainly be interesting to see what he does once there's a baby sitting in his old seat....

July 14, 2013

Baby Shower Luncheon

I never imagined a year ago joining a mom's group would lead to finding the greatest group of ladies to call friends.  The lovely Ms. Lucy was so kind and offered to put together a baby shower for me.  I was so touched and humbled.  We all had a fabulous lunch at Alpine Bakery in Crabapple.

Catherine, Lisa, Amie, Ellen, Marjorie, Lucy, Kyla, Jordan, Michele (Not pictured:  Lori)

Alpine Bakery has the best desserts and the portions are huge!  This was the white chocolate raspberry mouse cake and it was heavenly.  It was a wonderful afternoon spent with friends honoring the little bundle of love that will be joining us soon.  :)

July 12, 2013

Play at Nicco's

We had a great time this morning playing at Nicco's!  This was a small playdate just for 3 boys and they all had a great time.  Nicco had lots of trains and cars for Isaac to explore and Isaac loved playing with the toy grill.

After exploring inside the boys went outside to play with the water table and jump in the bouncy house.    Isaac liked jumping and peeking through the door opening.

July 11, 2013

Baking with Nana

Nana brought lots of goodies with her this morning when she came to visit.  Isaac didn't hesitate to jump in help. He was an excellent sous chef and was very diligent in prepping the muffin pans with liners while Nana shredded the zucchini fresh from her garden.

Isaac also enjoyed the task of taste tester.

While the zucchini bread and muffins were cooling he helped shred some cheddar cheese for the macaroni that Nana planned to fix later in the afternoon.

Isaac really is a great helper and he loves to watch.  He's eager to explore and participate in every way he can.  :)

July 10, 2013

A Busy Day and Time with Nana

Isaac got to spend the morning with Nana while I snuck out for a doctors appointment and some errands.  It's amazing how running a few small errands by yourself can feel like such a luxury and I certainly maximized my time.  :)  I was able to get new sheets for Isaac's big boy room and some summer pajama's for Isaac too.  I think we're in the midst of another growth spurt!

Isaac has been showing some signs of congestion and even though he's got a bit of a runny nose he's certainly running around full of energy.  While I was gone, Isaac and Nana went for a nice walk, they played in the yard, on the play set and even made it to the pool!  It's great to have an extra set of hands around to chase after Isaac.  With 5 weeks to go my energy is fading and I'm starting to get some swelling in my hands and knees.  I just hope I don't get as swollen as I did carrying Isaac!

After Isaac's nap he settled in for some quiet time watching Curious George while I worked on finishing the curtains for his new room.

July 9, 2013

A Day Without Rain!

Today Isaac woke up from his nap and it wasn't raining!  The sun was actually shinning and knowing it would rain at some point today we made a mad dash to the pool.

The baby pool was so warm it felt like bath water but that didn't stop Isaac from having a good time.  It also didn't stop him from watering my feet and big belly with his watering can.

After snapping a couple of pictures of Isaac he wanted to pose and see himself in the camera. :)  Easy enough....

He really gets a kick out of seeing himself on the screen and his reaction is always priceless. 

It was an enjoyable afternoon in some much needed fresh air.   I certainly had a good time.  I hope the weather improves and the rain goes away soon. Only six more weeks until baby #2 arrives and my belly is certainly a lot lighter in the water!!

After an hour and a half it was clear Isaac was fading and it was time to go home and get cleaned up.  Once we were all dried off we had a light snack and Isaac was kind enough to share his snacks with Elmo.

He's such a sweet boy!  

July 7, 2013

A Break from the Rain....

It has rained everyday for the last week and a half.  It's also suppose to rain everyday for the next 7 days.  Needless to say we've all had a bit of cabin fever.  When Isaac woke from his nap there was a break in the rain and he was determined to take advantage if it!

In case we didn't understand Isaac's intention Isaac went and got papas shoes and put them on his feet. Then he went and got my shoes and put them on my feet.  Next he reached for papas hand and led him to the door.  It was time to go!

We walked two cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood before his attention span started to waiver then it was time to head back to the house.  

Isaac wasn't ready to go inside so to the backyard we went.  The cover from the makeshift sandbox was blown off and after the water was emptied Isaac found entertainment splashing in the puddles. 

Than it was off to play on the slide...

And climb up the slide...

It was certainly a great way to burn off some built up energy!  

July 4, 2013

Neighborhood July 4th Parade!

This morning our neighborhood hosted the annual July 4th parade.   We went down to the side walk to get ready and Isaac pulled the flag out of the yard to express his patriotism.

He said hello and waved the flag to neighbors walking by.

Isaac was super excited when the Fire Engine started coming his way with the lights and sirens.

All the firemen waved to him as he waved back. 

And all the neighborhood participants were sporting their red, white and blue as they walked by.

The weather has been a bit unpredictable and with the high chance of rain today the pool party most likely won't happen but we'll still be going down to the club house to enjoy a big lunch with the neighborhood.  :)

Happy July 4th!

A New Fashion Trend

Isaac has been working on his independence with getting himself dressed and undressed. This morning he took his pajamas off and decided he'd start a new fashion trend and turned his pants into a trendy new hat.....

July 3, 2013

Lunch and a Movie: The Lorax

Shortly after breakfast this morning Isaac brought my shoes over to me and insisted I put them on my feet, despite the fact I was still in my pajamas.  As soon as I accommodated his request he started waving bye-bye and saying go-go.  Isaac was still in his pajamas too but it was clear, rainy day or not, he wanted to leave the house and go somewhere.

We loaded up and met a friend at the Movie Grill.  They were having another summer special, $3 bucks for both of us, to watch The Lorax.

Isaac was fascinated from the start.

It was a great way to spend a rainy morning and enjoy lunch at the same time.

It's hard to take great pictures in a dark theater without disrupting everyone around us but Isaac had a great time.  He managed to stay in his seat for most of the movie.  He spent some time on my lap too which I didn't mind at all.  He was fairly restless the last 15 minutes but I'm still impressed considering this is only his second movie.  I think we'll stick to the back row though.  :)

July 2, 2013

Free Flowers

It's been raining so much lately the blooms on our crepe myrtle trees have been so heavy the limbs have been drooping down.  Knowing it's suppose to rain most of the week I decided to prune a few of the blooms and bring them indoors for enjoyment.

It's a great way to liven up the place when it's so gloomy out!