January 28, 2012

Fun Times in the Kitchen

Today Isaac started covering more distance with his army crawl.  Just a few short days ago he could would only navigate the perimeter of the family room.  Well, today he decided he was up for more of an adventure and before I knew it he had made his way down the hall.

Periodically as he wiggled his way across the floor he would look behind him for a quick glance to make sure I was watching him and he would grin with amusement.  When he turned the corner I got up to follow him and asked him where he was headed.  He replied with a grunt.  He wiggled a little further, turned his head towards me, yep mom's still there, then off he continued.  His destination....

January 27, 2012

7 Months Old!

This has certainly been a very busy month for Isaac!  The progress he made from the beginning to the end of the month is amazing, at least to me.  Just four short weeks ago he started sitting up on his own and he could balance for a few moments before toppling over.  He also started rocking and rolling.  Isaac spent a lot of time rolling over from back to belly and belly to back.  Tummy time was a lot less stressful when he started reaching and grasping items.  We have a small cabinet in the office and he's been fascinated by the cabinet pull.  Initially he would play with the pull and bang it against the cabinet door.  That was fairly entertaining until he pulled on it and to his amazement it opened, then he discovered paper stored inside for him to pull out and chew on!  During these early weeks he also started pulling his knees under him and spent time on his hands and knees improving his balance by rocking back and forth.  As he developed each individual skill I knew it wouldn't be long before he started piecing the skills together to increase his mobility!

January 26, 2012

Were You Watching That??

Isaac has started to master his little belly army like crawl.  He can maneuver himself from one end of the room to the other in no time flat.  This morning he was at one end of the living room playing with a few toys and in a blink of an eye he was underneath the television cabinet.  For some reason he's fascinated with the speaker that sits on the floor.  he loves to feel the texture on the front of the speaker and I've already had to pick another speaker up off the floor and put it on top of the cabinet.  I was watching Isaac conduct his thorough investigation and then the television turned off.  I looked at the tv, the blank screen, and then looked below at Isaac.

January 23, 2012

Isaac's First Fever and Cold :(

The past few nights Isaac has been very fussy and hasn't slept well. At his last check up the doctor indicated this was a normal stage and partly due to teething. The night before I was awakened by his piercing cries at 3:00 am and noted a slight sniffle and made a mental note. Little did I know how quickly things could change within a 24 hour period.

Last night Isaac was up every hour on the hour. When I first checked on him he appeared to be restless but quickly settled down after a quick cuddle along with repositioning puppy. By 2:30 am he was screaming bloody murder. When I picked him up, he was one hot potato!

January 20, 2012

Bath Time Bubbles

I'm not sure why this had not occurred to me before now, but for some reason I decided to add bubbles to Isaac's bath.  He had a ball!

Isaac:  Ooooh.  What are these things??  They're soft.  They stick to my hand.  They're on my toes.  How did they get there?  Are these bubbles?  I like bubbles?  Can I have more bubbles?

We spent several minutes playing with the bubbles.  He watched me intently as I scooped up some bubbles on my hand and then put the bubbles in his hand.  I gently blew bubbles from my hand to his chest.  He thought that was awesome and he just giggled!

It's amazing how such joy can be found in the simplest things!

Isaac's Army Crawl

For awhile now Isaac has managed to get up on his hands and knees, he pauses, and then rocks back and forth.  Unsure of what he should do next he slides back down to his belly and wiggles around as if he's swimming on land.  Tonight was different.  I could almost see the concentration and determination in his eyes as he was playing.  He was tired of being stuck in one spot.  He had places to go.  If only he could figure out how.

Isaac Attempts to Crawl - Take 1

Isaac Attempts to Crawl - Take 3

Isaac:  Oh bother.  My toy got away from me.  Why won't it come back?  How can I get it back?  Now what?  Well, laying here isn't helping.  Maybe if I get on my knees?  Nope, that didn't work.......

Isaac Attempts to Crawl - Take 5

Isaac:  Okay, I'm back on my knees.  Whew, I need a break.  That's hard work.  I need to think about this.....  Maybe if I use my hands?  Oh, that's working.  Tag!  You're it mommy!

Isaac Attempts to Crawl - Take 8

Isaac:  Okay, let me think about this again.  I get on my knees, balance and then move my hands??  Hmmm, my toy moved.  Do I go for the toy or mommy?  Maybe I should lay down.  Wonder if I use my hands while I'm laying down.  Maybe if I wiggle a bit and use my hands, wonder if that will work??  Yep, that works.  I'll try that again....

I had so much fun watching Isaac.  He was working so hard to figure out how to wiggle around, balance, and move around the room.  I'm so proud of him!  All I know is look out world, he's putting all the pieces together and he'll be crawling in no time! Our world will never be the same. :)

A Play Date with Parker

Isaac had a great morning, he woke up early and ate a big breakfast (a bottle of milk and beef, yum!).  Little did he know that there was some fun things planned for the day.  When Isaac woke up from his morning nap, Parker had arrived.  I went to get Isaac from his crib and he could hear Parker (he's 2 weeks older than Isaac) in the living room and Isaac just looked at me and looked back towards the door of his room.  He knew something was different but he wasn't sure what it was.

When we walked into the living room he smiled from ear to ear.  I put him down on the floor and sat beside him but he wouldn't leave me.  He wasn't sure he wanted to venture off just yet, no, he preferred to sit and take it all in by observing.  At one point, Parker squealed really loud out of excitement but it startled Isaac and he cried.  Isaac isn't accustomed to loud noises apparently.  It took some consoling but Isaac eventually warmed up and played with his toys.  He sat next to Parker and kept touching his sweatshirt, more so because of the logos.  Isaac loves touching logos on clothes, socks, whatever it is, he wants to investigate.

Isaac had a great time playing with his little buddy.  It must have worn him out, he took a nice long nap in the afternoon!

January 18, 2012

Where is Papa?

Even though Frazer is in Thailand and will be back in a few days in Isaac's world that is a long time.  I put one papa's shirts in the crib with Isaac so he could have something of papa's as a comfort since this is the longest little man has been away from him.  He was all tuckered out at bed time cuddled up with papa's shirt. All things considered though we were able to stay on a good schedule and Isaac was doing a great job of being in bed before 9:00 pm and only getting up one time during the night.  That's a big win in our world!

January 17, 2012

Jump, Jump, Isaac Loves to Jump

Isaac loves to climb and jump all over me and Frazer as well as anyone else that will let him.  The thought occurred to me that this boy needs a jumper.  A couple of weeks ago we went shopping for one, found the type we wanted but the store was sold out.  Even after looking at 3 different Babies-R-Us stores we didn't have any luck.  A couple of weeks past but during the last run to restock on formula they had one.  Wow, is it a hit.  Isaac LOVES his jumper and I had a chance to take a quick video with my phone.

He jumps and jumps and jumps to the point of exhaustion.  I caught him resting his head for a few short seconds and then as quick as he opened his eyes he started jumping again.  I almost have to make him stop and take him out so he doesn't over do it and even when I take him out his little legs keep going as if he's still jumping.

Isaac taking a break from jumping. 

Papa Goes to Thailand

We knew it would happen eventually and we've been very fortunate Frazer hasn't had to travel much since Isaac was born. But today Frazer left for Thailand for the week.  For Isaac and I that's five long nights without Papa.  For Frazer, it was only three nights since the trip is so long.

Papa's going where?  For how long?
Our first day was fairly uneventful, just a low key day at home.  Isaac has been getting lots of floor time lately to help promote exploration and crawling although he's not there yet.

Isaac had his last bottle for the night and said nite nite to papa.  The next morning for us was night time for Frazer and we had a chance to talk briefly when he landed.  However, we used face time on our iphone's and I put my phone on the speaker function.  Isaac was so puzzled and could not figure out what was going on.  He looked at my phone and could see Frazer waving to him but he could  hear him talking too.  Isaac looked at me and then the phone and just stared and studied the phone.  He was confused and mesmerized at the same time.  It's amazing sometimes to think of the advances in technology but they're wonderful things to take advantage of to keep us all connected when we can't be together!

January 15, 2012

Pushing Upward

I've known Isaac has been teething for sometime given the increase in drool and his constant need to have something crammed in his mouth.  He's always chewing on something and it's not uncommon for him to nibble on my arm or my hand.  Sometimes I'll rub his gums with my finger and he'll clamp down a bit as he enjoys his mini massage.  However, today was a bit different.  He clamped down on my finger and for the first time something was there!  His first tooth has officially broken through the gum and is slowly pushing upward!

January 3, 2012

Bye Bye Binky - Hello Withdrawls

At our last check up, the pediatrician recommended the pacifier should go bye bye at six months old.  He stated it's best to just take it away cold turkey and he'll never miss it.  Apparently, the longer we wait to take it away or the older he gets there is more awareness of the binky to the point that older kids have even searched the trash looking for it.  Now, I don't want him to be so attached that he looks in the trash for it and getting rid of binky shouldn't be that hard, so I thought.

The first day, without binky was more of a challenge than I ever imagined.  Wow, did he share his displeasure of going without binky all day.  As a result, anything he could find went in his mouth and it didn't matter what it was.  A toy, his hand, puppy, my hand, my shirt, papa's hand anything within his reach and if he couldn't find anything he screamed.  As the first day went on it did get a little better but nap times were difficult.  By the second day I gave in but only for naps and bedtime.  After a few days we had finally adjusted to life without binky during the day and mostly going without it for nap times too.  Night time is another story.

I guess over the next month the next phase will be to eliminate binky all together, nighttime too.  I'm not sure who is having more withdraws, me or Isaac.  :)

January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year with style this year!  We had a fabulous array of appetizers comprised of shrimp cocktail, fruit, cookies, chocolates, gourmet cheeses, wine and a steak dinner.  We both dressed for the occasion too.  My hair was pinned up, make-up specific for the occasion and donned with all the essential accessories.  Frazer was decked out in his tuxedo and we were ready to paint the town red!  So...where did we go you ask?

We stayed home!  Oh how we laughed at the changes to our new year's plans compared to prior years.  Frazer acknowledged it was a first to grill steaks in a tux and he had certainly never changed a diaper in one before.  Isaac was all decked out in his holiday pajama's and I bought him a special New Year's hat to wear but he crashed around 7:30 pm so unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of him wearing it.  We were all in our pajama's by 9:00 pm and had a quiet evening waiting to ring in the new year.  Our life style may be different but there is nothing I would change.  We had a great night.  At least this year I could have a drink to celebrate!

January 1, 2012

Time for a New Car Seat!

With the increase in Isaac's weight and height we discovered it was time to upgrade the car seat.  This would seam like an easy enough task to complete.  So, we ventured off to Babies-R-Us to pick out a car seat.  Simple, right?  Well, that's what I thought until we arrived at the car seat isle.  Oh my goodness.  Talk about being overwhelmed.  There are so many different brands, different styles, different colors and even different weight limits to consider.  Frazer had even conducted his research, as usual, on consumer reports but even he was overwhelmed.  At one point, Isaac and I left Frazer alone with this task and we ventured around the store for a bit and when we returned Frazer had narrowed the selection.  Ultimately, we'd like for this to be the last car seat for Isaac until he only needs a booster seat.  And then, we found it.  Imagine the clouds parting and the sun shinning brightly on the chosen car seat. :) The only thing missing was the singing choir.  

The selected car seat has it's very own cup holder, the cover is washable and it has lots of cushion.  So, it would seem like the hard part was over.  The next hurdle, was getting the newly purchased item into the car.  The boxes for these things are huge!  It's hard to image a stroller and a large box will not fit in the back of an SUV but it didn't.  The stroller was moved to the back seat so the box could fit in the back. But, it fit and we headed home.  

As for the installation, easy right?  Most new items come with a book of instructions with half of the book in English and the other half in a different language. Not this one.  The entire book was full of instructions.  Let's just say it wasn't installed that night and wasn't even put together the next day.  No, two days later and it was finally installed!  Whew!  Glad that's over!  Isaac is now riding in style and loves that he can sit up and see more of what's going on even though he's still rear facing.  He still doesn't care for being strapped in though.  ;)