October 14, 2014

Baby Girl is 3 Weeks Old

With Frazer flying out of town for a conference it was wonderful to have Nana come stay with us! I'm so grateful for the extra helping hands especially when it comes to helping get the boys settled down for the night.  With three kiddos there's never a dull moment around here.

Monday, Rebecca ate at 11:00 pm, 12:30 am and again at 1:30 am but then it took forever to get her back down and even then I was only successful by putting her beside me.  I love laying with her and clearly she was happy since she didn't wake until 7 am!  However, when she's in my bed I don't sleep but I was happy to have her comfortable and resting.  It's so hard to believe she's 3 weeks old already!!

October 13, 2014

It's Not a Banana

As my journey of motherhood continues to unfold I'm learning to go with the flow as much as possible.  I'm also learning that I'm lacking in super powers to keep my littles secluded in their own little bubbles protected from the outer world.  While I was in our bedroom with Rebecca, Isaac joined me and was talking away.  Out of the blue however I found myself having an unexpected conversation.  I immediately flashed back to the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kindergarten Cop as soon as the words out of Isaac's mouth hit my ears; "boys have a penis, girls have a banana".

I couldn't help but laugh out loud and then with all the restraint I could muster with a straight face and calm voice I clarified his statement using the appropriate terms.  Yes, dear, you and your brother are boys and have a penis.  Your sister is a girl and it's called a vagina.

Heaven help me!  I'm gonna need it!

October 10, 2014

On The Right Track

Rebecca had another weight check on the 8th of October and I was so happy to hear the doctor say she was back to her birth weight of 8 pounds and 6 ounces! This little girl's appetite is kicking in and we're moving in the right direction.  It's such a relief to know we're on the right track now. 

Since Isaac was in school and Julian was with a sitter for Rebecca's appointment I took advantage of the time to get some groceries with baby girl.  It was so nice to get out and Publix is amazing with all the coupons they send as part of their baby club.  I became "that person" who held up the line with all my coupons and was super excited to have saved over $25!  The one thing about having a family and little kiddos is the lowering of expectations.  Who would have thought there would be a time in my life when a trip to the store would feel like a vacation or saving $25 in coupons would feel like winning the lottery!?  Ha!

Even though our evenings have still been a little rough this little girl has stolen my heart.  She's a little angel during the day and little fussy at night.  She's been very gassy and hard to burp which is making it hard for her to go back down to bed.   However, I'm managing to get some naps during the kiddos morning naps while Isaac is at school.  The irregular sleep results in a fair amount of headaches which is no picnic and our weather hasn't been helping with the storms and tornado warnings.

This little girl loves to soak up all the cuddles!  Frazer discovered a fun fact today too.  He's been doing some genealogy research on his side of the family and learned he had a Great-Grand Aunt called Rebecca who was born in 1872!  

While Julian is adjusting to no longer being the baby he made sure to get the focus back on him for a bit resulting in the need for a basement door solution.  This little guy managed to open the door and he feel down the steps.  It's a good thing he's a tough little guy. He busted his mouth up a bit and got a bruise on his head but seemed fine otherwise and it certainly didn't slow him down!

October 7, 2014

Rebecca - 2 Weeks Old

My sweet baby girl is 2 weeks old!

While the boys are continuing to adjust to their little sister they have loved spending time with nana while she's visiting and helping out.  I certainly don't know what I would do without nana!  Two little boys and a two week old baby equals one sleep deprived mama.  I was able to sleep until noon after our 8 am feeding but I still feel like I've been hit by a truck.  It's going to take some time before our days and nights are worked out and until that happens the night shifts will continue to be rough.   Despite the exhaustion it's so much better than being pregnant. :)

Rebecca has been doing well even though she hasn't gained any weight as of last Friday.  I've been monitoring her intake and look forward to her weight check tomorrow.  This little girl needs to get back to her birth weight soon!

October 6, 2014

Time for Baby Girl to Gain Weight

Despite being a walking zombie from sleep deprivation I actually managed to leave the house Friday.  Balancing the needs of all my babies is proving to be a challenge.  It's been hard to spend time with the boys in-between Rebecca's feeding schedule.  Rebecca had another check up and she still hasn't gained any weight since she left the hospital in Atlanta.  I've stopped breast feeding and switched to pumping along with bottles of formula.  She's now getting 16-20 oz per day so hopefully she'll start gaining soon!