August 31, 2011

Two Months Old!

Two months old and taking in the world around him.  Isaac is very alert and looks at everything with such curiosity.  He loves to look at lights.  When feeding him he'll often try to turn his head to look at the lamp behind him.  I try to explain to him that it's a bit difficult to drink from a bottle sideways and the lamp will be there to look at when he's done eating.  My little talk hasn't worked yet.  :)  Feeding time has also been a time of discovery for Isaac as he's discovered his tongue and likes to push the bottle out of his mouth.  However when he does this he gets upset and frustrated.  He hasn't figured out that you can't drink from the bottle to fill your tummy and play with your tongue and push the bottle out at the same time.   He makes me laugh.  Even at this age I can sense he's going to be an independent little boy and will want to figure things out on his own.  

Isaac has a very strong grip and we've been practicing gripping his little toys.  He likes to hold Mr. Bunny.  We're also at the stage where I have to be very mindful and keep my hair pulled back most of the time.  When he gets a handful of my hair he doesn't like to let go and he's not concerned that my hair is attached to my head when he pulls it.  Ouch!  He also loves his Kick-n-play and kicks the piano keys very well while staring at the mirror above him.  Isaac, in his own version, carries on quite the conversation with the little boy he sees staring at him in the mirror.  ;)   He's just full of smiles and the sweetest sounds.  I love this little boy!

Do I have to have another bath??
I love you.
Enough with the pictures already!
What are you doing papa?

August 27, 2011

My New Toy

Isaac was a trooper after his immunizations but he clearly didn't feel well.  He napped off and on for a good bit of the afternoon.  In the evening though, he was restless and fussy.  He never ran a fever but he was warmer than usual.  And what do you do when your little one doesn't feel well?  Spoil him of course!  He was cuddled and rocked almost all evening until bedtime.  While I was loving on my little man and trying to comfort him as best as I could, Frazer went out to pick up a new thermometer.  Our current one was very slow and in Celsius.  When he returned not only did he have a thermometer but he had a new toy.  Papa said it was his job to spoil his little boy with a new toy since he didn't feel well.  :)

Although Isaac didn't feel well enough to play with his new toy, Papa got it all set up for him.  The next morning Isaac was feeling much better and was all smiles.

Isaac had lots of fun playing with his new toy.  He's very good at playing the piano with those strong kicks of his!

August 26, 2011

My First Shots

Today was a big day at the pediatrician's office.  Isaac was due for his 2 month check-up.  Dr. Sherwinter was very pleased with Isaac's progress. He's up to 12 lbs and has grown another quarter of an inch since his last visit so he's now 24 1/4 inches and growing out of everything.  Isaac loves his footed pajamas but several of his 3 month sizes are due to be packed away.  His little feet are are busting at the seams.  Dr. Sherwinter also commented on Isaac's demeanor and how he's a very happy baby, very engaged, alert and social.  The doctor said he usually doesn't like to rule anything out until the 6 month check up but even at 2 months he said he can rule out Autism (not that we were worried but this was nice to hear).  But the biggest part of the day was Isaac's first round of immunizations.  I don't know if this was more difficult for Isaac or for Frazer and I, maybe just me....

I'm glad I can't see those shots laying behind me....

When the nurse administered the first shot, Isaac's face turned red and his eyes got really wide then he made the biggest frown.  He wasn't sure what was going on but he knew he didn't like it.  I held his little hand to provide as much comfort as possible and then the pain hit and he screamed! Momma that's not a little pinch!

I'm trying to be a big boy but this hurts!

Isaac had about as much as he cared for by the last shot.  He was crying big alligator tears and Frazer held one hand and I held the other.  Poor little thing....

Even though Isaac was given cute little Tweety Bird band-aides he didn't care.  As soon as the nurse was finished I got him dressed and swaddled up and feed him his bottle and he took a long nap.  The doctor had advised us that he might be fussy for the next couple of days or even spike a fever from the immunizations.  So, we needed to keep an eye on him.  

August 11, 2011

My First Boo Boo

This started out like any ordinary day.  Isaac and I were spending time on the sofa and he was in a happy mood and kicking up a storm.  I was telling Isaac he's going to be a good swimmer with such strong little legs.  Since he was content, I went into the kitchen to fix some breakfast and my phone rang.  Typically, I don't answer my phone when I'm with Isaac if he's awake.  At this age he gets fussy with no notice which makes it difficult to almost impossible to talk.  So generally I wait for a voicemail and then return calls when he's napping.  However, this time, I noticed it was a recruiter calling me back to set up an interview so I took the call.  Isaac was still content on the sofa so I went into the office to check my calendar and confirm the date and time for the interview.  Just as I hung up the phone and began walking back into the living room and I heard a THUMP! 

I took off running and found Isaac head down on the hardwood floor with his legs in the air leaning on the coffee table.  My heart sank...   It only took 3 seconds for me to get to him but in those 3 seconds he was crying his little heart out.  I picked up him up to make sure he was okay and it was the first time I've seen him with tears, BIG alligator tears.  When he gets upset he turns red and this was a new shade of red for him, he was really upset and I'm sure it scared him more than anything.  I guess he didn't realize how strong his little kicks were that he could do a back flip off the sofa.  While holding Isaac and trying to settle him down out of instinct I called Frazer at work to tell him what happened and he came home.  While he was on his way home I called the Pediatrician.  Isaac fell at 12:15 pm and we were in with the doctor by 1:20 pm. 

I've never felt so horrible, terrified, scared, and concerned in my life.  All the "what if"  and "should have" scenario's going through my head.  Frazer's response surprised me, he was very calm and relieved that it happened to me first.  The doctor came in and also surprised me, he too was very calm and reassuring, stating this sort of thing happens all the time.  Isaac was examined and all appeared to be well.  This may have been the first boo boo but it certainly wouldn't be the last.  Isaac didn't leave my arms the rest of the day.  I told Isaac that while I wasn't there to catch him when he fell I was there to pick him up.  Perhaps this is a lesson for what's to come, I may not be there when he falls in life but I'll always be there to help pick him up.

August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

I think I love birthdays enough for everyone!  I firmly believe it's the only day out of the year to celebrate yourself.  There is also nothing wrong with birthday weeks and/or months but those can be a little harder to get away with.  :)   And this year was a special birthday for Frazer since this was his first birthday as a new daddy.  So, this year a few weeks before the big birthday Isaac and I went shopping.  This was more of a challenge than I anticipated on a couple of different levels.  First, I can sometimes over analyze things and birthday shopping is no exception but I wanted to find a special gift for this birthday.  Second, this was my first experience shopping in the mall with just me and Isaac.  This was no big deal until it came time to find a restroom.  Some restrooms have the diaper changing table outside the stalls while others have the diaper changing table inside one of the stalls, most often the handicap stall, but not always.  It was an experience and I couldn't help but laugh as I learned a new skill of maneuvering a stroller in tight spaces.  However, mission was accomplished and our shopping was a success.

Now in my opinion, you can't have a birthday without birthday cake.  So, in honor of Frazer's passion, I made a double layer chocolate cake complete with a toy plane on top.  Since I couldn't get him a real plane I figured this was the best alternative.  We couldn't forget the birthday cards either and Isaac even signed his own card.  I made some finger paint and helped Isaac make a hand print inside the card.  The festivities continued into the evening.  This was also the first time having a babysitter (Kali's a trusted friend who specializes in childcare which made this process easier).  Knowing Isaac was in good hands, Frazer and I were able to head out for a movie and dinner.  Overall it was a great day.

August 2, 2011

I'm Growing!

Isaac had his one month check up today with Dr. Sherwinter.  We love our Pediatrician and the practice.  Ironically, the father of our pediatrician is from the same town in England as Frazer.  Sometimes it truly is a small world!  Anyway, I was very curious to see how much weight our little man had gained since his last checkup.  I knew he had been gaining since my arms having been getting a workout.  Even though Isaac was 9 lbs when he was born he dropped to 8 lb 8 oz in the hospital and went back up to around 8 lb 13 oz after we brought him home.  So in one month Issac is up to 10 lb 2 oz which is the 60th percentile.  He's definitely starting to fill out.  He's in the 75 percentile for his head size which measured to 15 1/2 inches.  What is even more interesting is his height.  He's grown 4 inches since he was born.  He's now 24 inches long and in the 97th percentile!  The doctor commented that Isaac might grow up to be a professional basketball player.  Frazer and I chuckled on that one considering neither one of us is exactly tall.  We could be wrong, maybe there are some tall recessive genes somewhere....  We'll have to wait and see.

August 1, 2011

We Love Packages!

For as long as I can remember I've always loved going to get the mail, especially around holidays and birthdays.  I thought it was the neatest thing as a kid to go to the mailbox and receive a package or card with my name on it.  When I do get something in the mail, I get so excited and have to open it.  Most of the time I don't even wait to get back inside.  I love wondering who it's from and what it could be but I can't wait, the suspense is too much!  I'm the same way today, except for bills, they don't count.  Anyway, Frazer on the other hand, can receive a birthday card a week before his birthday and let it sit on the counter unopened.  He'll wait patiently until his birthday.  I get too excited for him and ask him daily if he's going to open it.  

Since Isaac's arrival we've received a couple of packages.  The most recent one came and Frazer picked up the mail when we were running errands and he got back in the car with a package.  I was driving, but immediately I started asking who it was from and who it was it for.  As I was parking I asked Frazer if he was going to open it.  He couldn't believe that I couldn't even wait until we were inside to open it.  So, mister patience made me wait and as soon as we were inside he gave me the package to open on Isaac's behalf.  :)  Below are pictures of Isaac modeling his gifts.  

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Middleton for the wonderful monogrammed blanket and the cutest winter jacket. He'll have to model the winter jacket a little later, it's a bit too big at the moment.  We also have to thank Aunt Kirsty and family for the swaddling blanket and hat.  Isaac certainly makes a very cute ladybug!