September 8, 2014

Mama's Birthday

It's amazing what can happen in a years time.  A year ago I had a three week old little boy and I went out with girlfriends for a birthday celebration.  I never imagined how much my life would change or how our family would grow.  I've certainly been blessed beyond measure.

The positive side to being in Chattanooga was being able to visit with Aunt Clara last week.  It was so nice to visit and she was the perfect person to discuss sewing machines with.  I've been debating on investing in a new machine and I knew she could provide some in-depth guidance.  Not only that but she always cooks the most comforting meals.  Of course she's just like grandma too and wouldn't let me leave without a care package of leftovers.  I didn't resist either.  Meatloaf, corn, broccoli, potato salad and banana bread.  Yum!  Grandma Elsie's birthday was always a couple of weeks before mine so aunt clara's meal brought back so many memories of comfort food right before my birthday growing up.

While Isaac was in school I spent the day with Julian.  We ran some errands this morning and did a little shopping to prepare for fall.  It might be a little early but given my stage of pregnancy if I didn't get some fun decorations out now it might not happen.  Julian loved this happy little scarecrow so we brought him home.  He was the perfect addition to the pumpkins from aunt clara.

This little cutie is growing so much and he had a great time playing with the alphabet game on the iPad this afternoon.

When papa came home from work we all loaded up and went out to dinner at Sticky Fingers for barbecue.  Papa stopped on the way home for a couple of sweets to top off the birthday celebration.  I can't say I've ever had a Lightening McQueen candle before. :)  Isaac was my trusty helper when it came time to blow out my candle too.

As for a birthday present....I didn't expect anything given my new wheels.  However, the boys picked out the perfect gift.  I can't wait to use it!

I really had a great day.  I was surrounded by my little family.  These little people are by far my greatest accomplishment and I'm so lucky to have such a loving husband.  There's nothing more I could ask for.

The festivities also wore Isaac out.  He was keeping our bed "warm" and feel asleep.  Watching my little one's sleep is the cherry on top of everything else.  I'm one lucky mama!

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