September 23, 2014

A Restless Night

Not long after midnight I did my best to fall asleep.  Baby girl was moving up a storm and keeping me up.  Somehow I managed to fall asleep but I was incredibly restless.  It was really hard to get comfortable and overtime I would move from one side to the other and it was incredibly painful.   I was very uncomfortable and around 1:30 am I switched sides again when I felt the familiar pop of a wet and warm sensation and I jumped out of bed.

I was fully prepared this time and had beach towels by the bed with one already on the floor as a precaution.  I stood there for a couple of seconds and I felt another warm rush.  It wasn't a trickle but it wasn't gushing like Niagara Falls either.  At this point I called Frazer and it was 1:48 am and told him what was going on so he got up to head to Atlanta.  

Meanwhile I laid back down as a precaution to see if anything else happened and sure enough I started leaking again.  The next call was to my doctor.  Once I had the green light to head to the hospital I called Lori who was kind enough to take me to the hospital.

By 2:11 am I was packed and waiting in the hotel lobby for Lori to arrive and then we were off!

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