September 28, 2014

Mama's First Day with All 3 Kiddos

Today has been interesting.  This is my first morning having all three kiddos to myself without any assistance.  Julian isn't sure what to think of Rebecca and Isaac has been acting up since all the attention isn't falling to him.

Rebecca has been awesome with the exception of breast feeding.  In the beginning her latch was poor and caused a bit of damage.  This is the part of motherhood that no one bothers to share so for the sake of posterity I feel as thought I need to be candid.  My nipples were cracked, bleeding and hurt like hell.  Each time I look at the clock and notice Rebecca's feeding time is approaching I cringe at the thought of the sharp shooting pains down my spine as a result of her latching.  The thought makes my spine wiggle.

However, I was able to find a lactation consultant who surprisingly lives in our neighborhood and was kind enough to stop by on such short notice last night.  I optimistic the new game plan will be successful!

Rebecca spent a good part of the day napping and I tried to nap along with her when I could.  Once papa came home from work we ventured out for our first time as a family of five!

Thank goodness for minivans!! We made a successful trip to Target for some essentials and each of the boys got to pick out a new toy.  I think it's safe to say we were all worn out by the time we made it home!

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